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Workout Log December 4-11th

Did straight cardio from Monday to Saturday, taking one day off (can’t recall the day). I did a mix of bike, running, and swimming. I usually did a mix of each (maybe 2 of each for each day). I’m trying to improve my overall cardio and with the shitty weather, it’s a bit harder than usual. I briefly flirted with the idea of training for a triathlon but I doubt I’ll do it.

My swimming has improved greatly over the past few weeks. I’d like to get to the point where I can do 1/2-1 mile swimming fairly easily. Not quite there yet though.

This saturday I was able to return to climbing. I’ve taken about 3 weeks + off from any serious climbing session in hopes to heal my hand. My finger is still screwed up and I’m fairly sure it’s a tendon problem. I’ve heard varying reports of other finger injuries from climbing friends, and these injuries generally take months to heal. One friend said it took him 9 months to get back to full strength.

I think mine will probably take another 2 or so months. It’s getting better and I’m happy that it’s improving. The amount of enjoyment I get out of climbing is unparalleled and I’m so happy I can start climbing again.

It’s crazy how much one thing has changed my life. I can genuinely say that rock climbing has changed my life in many ways. I’ll probably write a blog post on the subject later this week if I’m not lazy.

Nutrition: Not really the best this week. With the holidays here, I have been eating alot more sweets than usual. Portion sizing has been awful as well and I haven’t really controlled it much. With college football ending here, I should be able to get my diet under control a little bit though.

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workout 5/16/11

Haven’t been updating this thing as much as I should be. I took last week off the most part due to cutting up my feet. That is healed now so no more excuses.

Did 1 hour BJJ skills, learned submissions from side control. We worked in the key lock/transitioning to different subs such as kimuras/etc. We also worked on swinging our hips/foot over their head and crushing them with legs while going for the kimura as well. All in all, a good series to learn.


I still have a few weeks left until I start my trip. To be honest, I haven’t done any planning at all. I have my general route down and I have my stops in mind…but I need to make an actual list of people to contact and stay with. Numbers/addresses/etc. I know that I’ll be in Colorado the first week of June I think.  I know that I’m going to meet some friends in Vegas on the third week of June as well…other than that, nothing much.

I still have time, so w/e. Will continue to update here as I do more research.

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workout 3/2/11 and 3/3/11

going to start this back up, just so i can remember some of the techniques i learned in BJJ. i also have gotten insanely weak in climbing and that is unacceptable, so i’m going to go every day this week and climb to get back into shape.


Workout: BJJ skills

What I learned: we are working butterfly guard sweeps. today we worked in de la riva guard, which is your inner leg hooking the person’s thigh/knee area and the other pressing on their other leg.

we did one where we did a sit up/grab their leg (inner) and then rolled on the opposing shoulder.

the defense to that was squaring up into them and thrusting your hips into them onto a mount position. sounds confusing, but i guess i just have to show someone.

Diet today: ate bad for lunch. diet has always been bad and i don’t know if this will ever change- i love food too much.

Notes: going to get back into climbing shape. i have one month to train before i go on a 2 month hiking/climbing trip across the western U.S. if any of you live out there then shoot me a message if you want to climb or hike together, i’d appreciate it.

Today I’ll be going climbing and maybe bike riding (probably not though). Need to get back into climbing shape.

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workout log: early april


i’ve been doing a mix of climbing/martial arts/bike riding. i haven’t been running a ton but ya. usually try to do an 8 mile bike ride + something else a few times a week.

yesterday i did BJJ skills, we’re doing triangles all week. i rolled after and got beaten. i was disappointed in my performance- i wasn’t submitted but gave up position alot. i was also swept. i need to work on getting a better base and not being off balance.

we learned some different variants of triangles. i’m sure i’ll learn more this week.

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workout 4-4-11

some updates:

went on a week long climbing trip in moab and colorado. did some hiking too, it was great. trip report and pictures hopefully in the coming days.

i’ve been slacking at BJJ due to being gone on a few trips. this month i plan on going 3-4x a week though.

now that the weather is getting better, i hope to mix in some running and biking into my workout.

my diet has been pretty awful lately. i lost probably 5 or so pounds on my trip but i’m sure i’ve gained it back by now.


Workout: 1 hour BJJ skills

What I learned: today we were working on just arm bar reps and half guard sweeps. both were helpful.

Diet today: not the best. hotdog for lunch. ate some chicken and veggies for dinner though, which is good.

Notes: hoping to get this log back on track.


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