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Hey guys, long time no post! The reason for not posting more on this site is that I made a blog exclusively for poker and poker strategy. I have gotten away from writing about poker for a while and I wanted to write a bit more on what I have been learning in the poker industry as a backer/affiliate/etc. is a blog I have wanted to write for a while and I am happy to write a good amount of content there.

In 2017, I have been traveling a good amount. The first was to Florida on vacation, the second was to Thailand in most of May. My trip reports can be viewed on the site.

I’ll still likely repost those here and keep this site as a site for my personal trips/non poker related content. Obviously there will be a bit less content on this site but I hope to still keep it up because I enjoy reading old trip reports and such.

Other than that, everything in my life has been going well. I moved back to Nebraska with my girlfriend, who is going to Physician Assistant school. I will be here for another 2 years and we are not sure where we’re going to live after that. Probably somewhere out West.

Anyways, I will likely repost the Thailand TRs here so I can keep those on this site. Good luck.

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