WSOP + Business Updates

The World Series of Poker is going in full swing right now and I have a lot of associates and players down there right now. It’s fun thinking about all of the guys playing all day long and being together and it brings back fond memories from my WSOP experience. It’s been a few years since I’ve played down there and I definitely miss some parts of it. Living a carefree lifestyle where you are your own boss and have few obligations is probably the most attractive thing about being a poker player. I’m fairly sure I will go down there next year and play a little bit and meet with some of my players/associates. I know that some stables have 6-7 figures of action in this WSOP right now and those live tourney buy ins can add up huge. MTT backing is pretty variance heavy and one big run can literally make or break your year. It’s sick to think about.

As far as staking goes, I’m pleased with the progress that we have made over the past few months. We’re really making strides to improve every facet of our business and I am excited to see what we have in a few months. I’ll be posting some links when they are completed. Staking is still going well and let’s hope that I get lucky in some of the packages I bought this WSOP.

I’ve also decided I will try to update this a bit more. Overall, I enjoy seeing my old posts and seeing some of the progress or where I was at in different stages of my life. Talk soon.

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