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Half Year Update

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. Some stuff going on in my life:


Staking is still going very well and we are currently revamping our website. I’ll link it on this blog when we post. This will have been my 4th year in the staking industry and over a decade in the poker industry. Overall, I’m very pleased with our stable and all of our players. There are a lot of benefits to this lifestyle and I would find it hard to transition to a standard 9-5 (who knows, maybe it’ll happen one day). Once we launch our site, I will consider writing some new articles as well, since I know I haven’t added new poker content in a long time.

I have been playing some poker on my own here and there online and was/am very tempted to go to Vegas this year in June. Several of our players/associates are going to the World Series of Poker this year and it brings back a lot of really fun memories that I had 5 years ago. Playing some live poker sounds fun and meeting some of our guys would be enjoyable. In terms of poker leaks, I think that I struggle with many of the same leaks that players of my ‘generation’ struggled with- overly aggressive in some areas, not slow playing enough in others, etc. In terms of overall theory and fundamentals, I do feel like I am much better than I was when I originally played semi-professionally; however, I do think I am tighter and less capable of pulling the trigger, something that I was proud of in the past. I would say that is a reflection of the way the games have changed, though- many more players are more likely to play their equity and showdown their hands instead of auto c-betting A5 on a TT4 board. Talking poker to 40 players every single day allows you to improve, even if you are not necessarily doing the simulation work and watching poker videos.

Anyways, without going too into poker strategy, I will say that things are better than ever in regards to our poker staking and my own poker playing. Although I will always love the game, I would say that I used to believe that I could never play another hand of poker and feel okay about that. Now I realize that I do enjoy playing again and it’s become something that I look forward to.


My rock climbing strength and endurance is disappointing right now. I haven’t been climbing nearly as much lately, primarily because I have a sprained finger and I am also doing some other life stuff. While I know it’s not an excuse, it’s something that I need to put more priority in (and once some of this life stuff clears up, I will be back to climbing 3-4x a week). I’m probably at 2-3x right now and I am substituting the climbing by lifting and doing more cardio. I’m still working out 5x a week and am going to be going outside more now that the weather is improving. Nothing big in the summer planned for now, but we’ll probably head to shelf road and clear creek canyon as well.

I do have some outdoor goals this summer. I want to do a 14er (or a few) and I hope that we can get some cool climbs in.

Life Stuff:

Nothing has changed a ton in terms of life stuff. I’ll be traveling to Las Vegas in August with my girlfriend and her family and probably will be taking a winter trip, hopefully to Florida. I am also going to Alaska in July for a family reunion and that should be fun. My girlfriend is currently going through applications for the GRE and applying to Physician Assistant school, so I am likely going to moving in about a 1 year span- no idea where.

Here are some good grinding music videos:

Good luck!

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