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Long Time No Post!

Hey guys, long time no post. My site went down for a while and I had to refresh some of the settings in the back end. For all I know, I could just be talking to myself here and no one is reading this blog anymore! I’ll keep this thing up for a long time, if only to look back at my old TRs and reminisce about some of those fun trips 🙂

Things have been going really well here over the past few months. The staking business is going very well and I’m really excited for how 2016 is projecting. We really want to take this business to a new level and we just need to prepare ourselves for it overall (infrastructure, systems, software/etc). This industry is constantly changing and is very unstable each year, so we’ll have to continue to adjust and adapt as needed. I still see myself staking in the near future until I decide I want to transition.

One of the goals I do want to do for 2016 is to really start diversifying some of my income and also gain new skills. I learned a fair amount of MS excel last year but I know I need to continue to working towards other skills. More on #1- I have some disposable income that I would either like to invest and/or do something with (I’ll likely research more in the coming months).

What else is new? Nothing much. I’m still climbing several times a week and have stagnated a bit there. I don’t think I’m really improving a whole lot right now and I think that could be due to my poor diet and/or lack of exclusive training. My overall endurance is something I need to work on and I do have a few climbing goals I would like to achieve in 2016 (Get my first V7 and also lead a 5.12 cleanly/top rope 5.13). I am fairly certain I could achieve all of these right now if I exclusively projected a route, but I could just be full of it.

I’ve been skiing a fair amount lately and am looking to purchase my first pair of skis/boots. I’m pretty excited for this step and I really enjoy skiing and being outdoors. I’m excited for 2016 as I have a few fun trips planned: several ski trips, a short trip to Vegas, a longer one to Florida, and I’m sure a few smaller/shorter ones as well. As always, I am very grateful for my job and the freedom it provides. I might pay for it later on, but let’s hope I can transition well out of poker when that time comes.

Thanks for reading!

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