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Hey guys, long time no post. My life just isn’t too interesting these days. It’s the same routine: Wake up, do work, go climb, hang out with girlfriend, and then go to sleep. This is probably the most normal routine that 75% of the USA abides by.

Since my last post in Red River Gorge, not much has changed. I’m still staking and climbing a lot. I had a chance to go to Horseshoe to go climb outside. My girlfriend and I went 2 days before our main group came so that we could climb some of the routes we wanted. Unfortunately, the rain made it so that we couldn’t do as many days as we planned, but we still got some good climbing in. I’m going to be sad that I won’t be able to climb at Horseshoe anymore (since I’ll be moving to CO), but there’s obviously pretty good rock out there. I hope there is some good, high quality sandstone out there.

Here are a few pictures of me on my favorite route: Loveslave. We were so close to getting this clean and I think my girlfriend, my friend, and I could all get it without falling within 1-4 tries. I fell twice on it but got past the crux before doing so. Doh…

Colorado wise, I’m still planning on heading there in Early July (hopefully). It’s going to be sad leaving my family and friends. There’s a lot to miss and I’m partially sad to be leaving. That being said, I’m also really excited to go out to CO and it’s a place I could see myself living at for a long, long time. I have a ton of goals and places I want to go to while there.

This summer: I am planning on moving to CO. Some other trips I have loosely planned are: possibly going to Detroit for 4th of July, going to the Pacific Northwest in the later summer, and then Mexico this coming fall.

Off topic: My friend’s crazy story-

I’ll probably go visit him really soon. I think it’s pretty crazy how your life can just change in the blink of an eye. Good luck to him and his recovery.

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