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February Update

Howdy folks! This new year has been a great one for me so far; both in a business and life.


Some of my horses have had some big months and I’m really happy to see them succeed. We’ve increased our overall player quality greatly over the past few months and we have some very good players right now. We also have some big projects in the works and I am hoping we can launch those in the coming months (PLO staking program, website launch, etc). Overall, staking and affiliating is still going well. I will note that January was significantly stronger than February so far and I have had some bad swings this month. That being said, I trust in my guys and I know they’ll get out of the bad runs. In other news, I did get scammed in December (forgot to mention it here) and the player ended up playing casino games with the bankroll. It’s a real shame that solid poker players occasionally end up with gambling addictions and can’t escape it. Getting scammed is never fun, but I know it’s part of the staking industry and it’s bound to happen.

I am also branching out my staking and doing more live backing. I think that live games offer a great opportunity for many poker players. The overall quality of the game is much better than anything online and, if you can put in the hours and grind, live should be more profitable for the majority of players (in general).

Poker Industry stuff: Donger Kim and TCfromUB are having a heads up challenge where they play 15k hands at 25/50NL ($5,000 buy in). It’s an exciting thing to watch in an era where there are so many HU bum hunters and people who are not willing to play each other. Both of those guys are some of the top NL HU players in the world and it’s pretty cool. Here is the 2+2 update:

ChicagoJoey is doing a podcast with those tables open and you can check them out on his stream on the challenge here (stuff has gone on since this stream, you can follow the updates on 2+2)-

CJ also did an interview with cts, one of the best poker players in the world. Cole has maintained crusher status since the Party Poker days and has been one of the few to really do that.


Life is pretty normal here, not much to say. I climb and work out 6-7 days a week, doing a mix of climbing, yoga, running, biking, and I’m starting to lift once a week as well. I’m still planning on moving to Colorado in the summer and am very excited about doing so.

Trip wise, I’m just about to start going on a few trips. Skiing and climbing will be most of March (I’ll also be competing in the UNL rock climbing competition on March 7th, super excited about that) and I’ll also be playing poker and going to NYC in April. I have also decided I’m going to go to the Pacific Northwest in August and will be going around Oregon/Seattle area (maybe Vancouver too). Mexico is going to be in October. I’m sure I’ll be updating this frequently when playing my live tourneys, as always.

Here are some cool climbing videos:

Adam Ondra and his first flash attempt on Dreamcatcher (FA by Chris Sharma)-

Adam Ondra attempting Dreamcatcher from Tim Schaufele on Vimeo.

Chris Sharma original-

Adam Ondra:

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