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2014 Wrap Up

Long time no posting here! 2014 was a great year for me. My poker stable finally turned the corner and I had a pretty solid year all around. I have a great group of horses right now and we’re managing about 30+ guys at this time. 2015 is looking to be a pretty solid year and we have some bigger plans for our poker stable. There are always new deals to pursue, new clients to meet, and more management tasks I improve on. Hopefully all of our plans will come to fruition. I really enjoy being on the business end of poker right now and I think it’s something I see myself doing for the next few years. The best thing about it (in my eyes) is the freedom it allows me. I can take trips/vacations/etc when I want and can also work from home. Having no boss to answer to is nice as well.

Trips I took in 2014: I went climbing in Arkansas, Colorado, South Dakota, and Utah. I went hiking/surfing/exploring in California (Santa Cruz, Yosemite, San Francisco) and I also had a chance to go to Alaska as well. No international trips this year, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to take one sometime in the next two years (might be headed back to South East Asia).

Regarding trips, I’m pretty excited for 2015. I am tentatively planning on going to Colorado, Arkansas, New York, skiing in Colorado, Mexico, and then one more domestic trip. I’m sure I’ll take a few smaller ones as well.

Things I want to accomplish in 2015: I want to continue building our poker stable and scale it up. We definitely have some stuff we need to fix in the next coming months and I’m really hoping we can accomplish those goals as soon as possible. I want to continue working out 6-7x a week and stay healthy. Climbing goals wise, I would like to work more into the 5.12 range outdoors and build my endurance as much as possible. 2014 as a whole wasn’t great for climbing as I had some injuries that set me back (most importantly, my stupid knife through hand injury).

I can’t remember if I wrote it here, but I am planning on moving to Fort Collins, CO next year. I’m really excited for this and it’s going to be a new chapter in my life. Although I’m a bit sad to leave my friends and family in a place where I’ve lived the past 15 years, Colorado is a place that really fits my lifestyle.

here are some cool videos:

Joe Kinder: 30 Days in Norway from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Also, UF hired a new coach and I’m pretty excited for him. He’s a very personable guy and he has a good pedigree. I’m very interested to see how he fills out the rest of his staff.

Have a great 2015 and new years.

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