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Hand Injury/Cruise

Sup guys, I had a nasty hand accident a week ago. I was cutting some frozen sausage and splitting two pieces and idiotically shoved a knife through my hand.



Needless to say, I’ll be out of climbing for a while. It really sucks and I think there is some slight nerve damage (on the left side of my pointer finger- it’s slightly numb). All motor skills are still there, so I am thankful for that. I will be going in to a check up in a few days to see if surgery is needed (let’s hope not) and go from there. They threw 5 stitches on it, gave me some antibiotics and here we are. It’s pretty amazing that they said it would take about 10 days to heal and I don’t

I have my cruise to go to in a few days. I have somewhat mixed feelings about it but overall, it should be an interesting time. I’ll likely just work out nonstop and eat like a degenerate. I will be bringing my camera and will hopefully have a TR.

Speaking of TRs, I was never able to get up my South Dakota one yet since I don’t have all the pictures. Once I do that, I’ll go ahead and upload the TR. Overall, it was a fun time. South Dakota is a pretty tough place to climb (at least Spearfish Canyon, that is).

Will update this soon!

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