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Summer Trips

June/July has been surprisingly busy for me, so I apologize for the lack of updating. I moved into a new apartment and work has been really busy as well.

I’m going on a slew of trips within the next month. Here is a list:

Trips Summer 2014:

Wednesday July 16th (morning) – Friday, July 18th -South Dakota to rock climb

Tuesday, July 22nd (morning) – Friday (July 25th) at night- Colorado (though this trip may be moved at another date and I might actually take another trip during this week instead).

August 5th- August 19th- Week long cruise to Alaska with family/Seattle for a few days.

Overall, I have mixed thoughts on these trips. I’m extremely excited for the first two and I think they’re going to be really fun. It’s nice to disconnect from the internet/work for a few days and unwind. The third trip is going to be long. Being away for a few days is manageable; being away for 2 weeks is plain scary. I know that I recently took a 2 week trip to California, but there were periods where I could work for a few days. I’m not so sure that will be feasible on this trip.

Overall, I’m really happy with where my life is at right now. I’ve made great strides the last 2 years in all areas of my life: In staking (I have over 30 horses and a great partner/associates); in life (I have some great friends, an awesome girlfriend, and family); and goals (both in living/work/etc).

Also, in other news, it is looking like I will be moving to Colorado (near Fort Collins) next summer permanently. Colorado is always a place that was high on my list on where I wanted to live. I can’t wait to go climbing, hiking, camping, skiing, and biking.

Here are some cool links:

I worked with Zach for his poker start up, a king-of-the-hill poker app. It didn’t work out, but I know he’ll be successful in other ways. Good guy.

Fun article on the PDC grinders. Big scores for MTT grinders always seem so much more glamorous than what happens in reality. Most of the time, they’re backed. Secondly, those tourney pros are often paying tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) in tournament buy ins alone, meaning that ‘but how much did you lose’ is almost a relevant question…ha. Regardless, nice article:

Thanks for reading. I’m sure I’ll have a nice TR up once I go climbing next week in South Dakota.

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