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Interesting Link/Poker Staking

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting story on Poker Staking. I’ve talked with Shane and he’s definitely a great guy/super professional.

Check it out

Poker staking has been going really well. I know that’s what I usually have been writing as of late and this continues to be the trend in 2014. I know that this business/work is risky as a whole; but I’ll continue to do it as long as it is the best current option for me. I may have to eventually move out of the country in order to further this business, but that’s a road I’ll consider in a few years.

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California Road Trip 2014

So I have decided that I will be going on another road trip this year; this time to California. I plan on doing mostly northern California and hitting up Colorado and Utah along the way.

There are a lot of different paths we can take and the easiest is going I-80 West the entire way to Yosemite (which we plan on hitting up first). Instead, I think we want to go through the mountains so we can climb a little bit. Here is the path I’m thinking-

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I’m pretty excited about this vacation. Hiking, climbing, camping, and other outdoor stuff is what I enjoy most. Our proposed trip time is just a little over two weeks.

Our general plan is to go to Yosemite (with climbing and camping in Colorado and Utah along the way), going to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park, going to the coast in Santa Cruz, and finishing in San Francisco. The first half of the trip is going to be all outdoors stuff and the latter half more touristy attractions. Planning for trips like this is pretty hard. I need to figure out what hikes to do, think about camping/hiking permits, sort the hotels, buy the climbing guidebooks, and much more. #firstworldproblems.

We plan on leaving at the end of May (May 19th-20th) and coming back in early June (June 4th-5th). I’ll update this blog as it progresses. Thanks for reading.

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WSOP Circuit 2014 Summary

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates/TR.

Out of the 4 tourneys I ended up playing, I got:

-6th in the $365
-10th in the $365 6-max
-12th in the $580

They were really long days (12+ hours) and the entire series was super tiring. Although I wanted to remember some of the hands, much of the action is pretty muddled in my head.

I did have a good time and I am happy with my performance. There are a lot of things I could do better as well. In the $580, I was crushing near the end, with 13 of us left. We got down to two tables, waiting for the final 10 and I was stealing like a mad man. I built my stack hugely and wielded my big stack like a weapon. While short handed play is something I am used to, I definitely needed to calm myself down once we got back to 8+ handed. I basically made one bad bluff and things went downhill from there. I lost a lot of chips in the bluff and was later crippled by a friend who open jammed K8o bvb (I called with KJo) and lost. My friend later won the tournament for 21k.

Every single hour I play in tournaments, I constantly have to tell myself to both “be patient” and “calm down”. I even ask my girlfriend to text me the same stuff over and again. Tournaments are so tedious in the sense that you need to maintain absolute focus and concentration for every hand or you can bust. Being a 6-max cash game player, I have a history of being overly aggressive in situations that are not great in a tournament setting.

So yeah, all in all, I made about $5200ish in tourneys and I had to give half of that up to my investors. I did have 10% of my friend who won the $580, which was good for about ~$2,000. I don’t think I’ll sell as much action in the future. This tournament series really showed me how big of an edge I have against this field of players. Although I certainly ran well in some spots during this series, I don’t feel that I ran especially well when it mattered. For instance, in the first tournament when I got 6th, I lost with KK to AK for a lot of chips, against one of the best players at the table. Furthermore, losing that 3 outer in the $580 sucked as well.

At the end of the day, I can only look back and correct some of my mistakes and focus on what I can control. We’ll see what tournaments I decide to grind next year when this series is in town.

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WSOPc 2014 TR #1

Trip report for WSOP Circuit $365 #1-

This will be the first TR for my WSOPc series in 2014. 

My table draw was pretty good from my first impression. There wasn’t a person younger than 40 and there were some degenerate looking players. 

The structure for these events is favorable- 10k chips with 25/50 blinds to start (with 30 minute blind levels). 

I started fairly card dead. There was a LAG who was involved in multiple pots and showing some weaker holdings (Q2s and such). 

Hand 1: Early on, 25/50, everyone has about 100bbs or more. I overlimp 9 J and we go to the flop 5 ways. The flop is 9 J Q. A tighter player bets, 1 calls, I call (not sure if I should have raised here?), BB calls, all else fold. The turn is the 2, all check to me and I bet/all fold. 

Hand 2: Old Donk limps early, I raise 8T in the CO, all fold to Old Donk, who calls. The flop is K6 5 and he check/calls a bet. The turn is the 9 and he check/calls one more bet. I bet because he has already called a few flops and folded 5/6 turns to aggression. The river is the 2and he checks, I give up and check. He shows AJo and I muck feeling like an idiot. 

Hand 3: I have been folding a ton and really card dead. I don’t have anything playable and have a fairly clean image at this point. LAG opens in CO, BTN (old donk who is involved in many pots and overplays some of his hands) calls, I squeeze K5. LAG folds quickly and the BTN calls. The flop is A 6 4. I bet 1/2 pot (maybe a tad less) and BTN raises 2.5x. I fold after hollywooding and he shows an Ace. 

At this point, I am constantly telling myself to just be patient and that the cards will come. I don’t even really have any hands to steal with because there is an old Joe Pesci look alike that is playing super loose behind me. 

The blinds pass and I don’t really get involved with any hand. I have horrible cards and had about 7k chips (from the starting 10) at the 100/200 level. 

Hand 4: Effective stacks ~6k effective, 100/200. We’re just about to go on break and I am dealt Q Q. I raise to t475 and get two callers. One is a tight player who hasn’t really shown any hands and the other is a splashy fish who severely overvalues his hands (he lost with A9 on an AAxxx board when it was obvious he was crushed). 

The flop is K Q J and splashy fish open jams. I cover him (slightly) and ship it (about 6k effective). Tight player looks at his cards and calls with 9 T. Splashy fish shows A K and I do not boat up. 

So, I bust about 2.5 hours in. I’m fairly happy with the way I played. I made some tighter folds (folded 66 after a limper when I was 30bbs deep, maybe this is completely standard?) and I was pretty much card dead the entire day. As long as I can continue to be patient, I’ll have success. The field is still very soft and I just need some cards. 

The next tournament is on Sunday. I have a rock climbing competition this Saturday so I will give a TR on that as well. 

Thanks for reading.

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