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Update 2/6/14

Staking and Poker– Staking has been going really well. Most of my players are winning and learning a ton in our group and I’m happy to be staking a group of guys that have a desire to learn+ get better. We added 3 new players this past week and I am excited for them to get started. We’ve also added two coaches to the group and are getting players on different deals/contracts. It’s a numbers game, and finding even one important stakee can increase your profit by hundreds or thousands of dollars annually.

The WSOP-Circuit is coming into town in April and I plan on playing that again. We’ll see if I can bink anything like I have the last two times I’ve played it. The tournaments there as a whole are absurdly soft, and I’m excited to play in a few of them.

I’m also pleased to say that the horse who stole from me before (two posts ago, Aaron Swanson) has got in contact with me and has agreed to pay everything back. Let’s hope it works out.

Superbowl prop bet sheet- 

Winners/losers from the sheet I posted for the Superbowl. 


Random links:

Here is a cool story that I linked a few years ago: (Million dollar prop bet that a guy had to run 70 miles straight)-

And two Alex Honnold videos:

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