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Outdoor Trips

Short update here: It looks like I’ll be going on a camping trip next weekend to South Dakota. It’s about a 3 hour drive, so it’s not terribly far. I’ll provide a short TR of it when I get back.

I’ll also be heading to Arkansas on the October 24th weekend to do some climbing! I’m very excited for this and I think it’ll be a lot of fun. Jasper, Arkansas, is about 8 hours away and has fantastic climbing.

I don’t have anything planned after that. There are a few places that I would really like to go in the next few years- the Black Hills in SD, Southwest Colorado, some good climbing in Southern Utah, and others.

Off topic a bit- Poker staking has been going pretty well. Most of my guys are winning and improving. They work really hard and I’m thankful for that. Full Tilt Poker is doing their remissions process, so if you’re an American and you have money locked up on there, please check and get your remission in. No telling how much we’ll get back, but hopefully it’s close to the original sum. Speaking of poker, I’ve been heavily considering putting some money on Bodog and might restart my playing again. While there will always be a part of me that really enjoys playing and thinking about poker, there are some things that I heavily dislike about it- the stress and anger that comes with poker losses is something that I have NOT missed. That being said, I do miss playing so we will see.

Overall, life is pretty good right now and I can’t complain.

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Hey guys,

So after deciding that I didn’t really like the URL much, I decided to embark on a new project. This website will primarily be for poker players who want information on moving abroad and learning about banking information in other countries.

Here is a link to the site:

Foreign Bank Accounts

I’m very excited and hoping that I will be able to help other players make this transition. I’ll keep this blog updated on its progress/etc.

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Sorry for the lack of updates- my life, as stated earlier, is quite boring these days. My typical schedule is:

-Wake up
-Eat breakfast/answer emails
-Eat lunch/sweat a stakee/answer emails
-Go to the climbing wall and work or just climb
-Eat dinner/go to girlfriend’s house and hang out
-Answer emails/go to bed


I have decided that I really do need to start getting back into poker article writing and learning the affiliate business more. I know I hosted easypokerstrategy but I’m not really a fan of the domain and will be choosing a new one. Regardless, I should really just be writing articles and worry about the actual site development later.

Staking has been going fairly well. This month isn’t as good as last month,but it’s still going fine. Recruiting and such has also picked up recently, which I am very happy about. Our cash game stable is growing steadily and we have some nice things coming along in the next few months. I still see this as a profitable future for me; though, I really would like to diversify my income a bit more by learning the affiliate business.

I’m still planning on going on a fall trip. I think my friends and I are thinking about Arkansas in October…not really positive yet though at this point.

Here are two cool videos:

BD athlete James Kassay climbs the Wheel of Life Direct from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Adam Ondra – Move – First from MadSkillz Media on Vimeo.

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