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Vegas Road Trip 1- Colorado/Moab


We left around 6 a.m. and decided to go to Poudre Canyon, Colorado. Poudre (pronounced ‘pooter’) is right outside of Fort Collins and a very pretty canyon. There are great hikes, climbs, white water rafting, and more.

It took us a little bit to find a camp site, but we eventually did. We climbed on day 1 at an area called ‘Crystal Wall’. We planned on doing primarily 1 pitch sport climbing on this trip since we did not have a trad rack nor the experience.

We originally planned on climbing at one spot called ‘The Palace’ but unfortunately the river was very high, which prevented us from crossing it.

I wish I had a few more pictures of Poudre, but here they are:

 photo IMG_2877_zps993cb210.jpg

 photo IMG_2882_zps3bf892f3.jpg

No real photos climbing for the most part, simply because it was only us two. We did a few climbs in Poudre Canyon, both 5.9s. It was a tad cold there at night but I still slept fine. Due to the area being inaccessible, we decided to only go there for one night instead of two and decided to head towards Moab the next day. We planned on stopping in Golden, CO (right outside of Denver) for a short few hours to go climb.

Golden is alright. The rock is fairly polished and the climbing in the area we were at was so-so. There are areas outside of Golden that I’ve heard about that are solid, but I probably will not return to the North Table Mountains (area I was in).

Here are some photos of that area:

 photo IMG_2883_zpsd096316e.jpg

 photo IMG_2885_zpsfceabb89.jpg

 photo IMG_2886_zps8f36f717.jpg

 photo IMG_2887_zps8f3011e3.jpg

We arrived in Moab late at night, around 6. Normally, it would be difficult to find a camp spot this late in the day, but we had another issue- our car was overheating. We drove a Honda CRV and it was my sister’s car. Unfortunately, she also had the same issue about 2 weeks earlier.

Unable to drive and look for camp spots, we had to bunk at a motel for the night in Moab. We bought some more antifreeze and continued to check it along the way.

Moab, Utah

Moab is an interesting area. The primary features are the massive arches. Here is a link on them.

We only did Canyonlands one day and Arches the next. We did a VERY quick tour of both and didn’t really spend a whole lot of time there. Amanda didn’t enjoy Moab much and we were going to go on our way quickly to Zion.

 photo IMG_2895_zps55358b30.jpg

 photo IMG_2901_zps2b5d9d06.jpg

 photo IMG_2910-1_zps139b6299.jpg

 photo IMG_2916_zpse5f5a1cf.jpg

 photo IMG_2917_zps78f80d3e.jpg

 photo IMG_2918_zps52205443.jpg

 photo IMG_2921_zps163f5bfb.jpg

 photo IMG_2923_zpsa3d2067b.jpg

 photo IMG_2927_zps496e52ae.jpg

 photo IMG_2930_zps39ed8128.jpg

And that pretty much concludes Moab. We drove another 5 hours or so to Zion National Park, which is in southern Utah.

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I’m home from my trip now and will be writing up some TRs shortly. It was a great time and I did some awesome climbs/hikes.

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