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Some Updates

Hey guys, sorry for not updating this more.

Upcoming Road Trip– I have changed the dates around a lot for my road trip but I think I finally have it- I am leaving on May 27th and will be traveling for two weeks. Unfortunately we are not going to be able to go to California this trip due to a lack of time, but we will be going as far south as Las Vegas.

I have nearly all of my equipment in (for the most part) and need to test some of it out. Most notable is the Jet Boil.

The idea is that you just have freeze dried food pouches and pour hot water in it. In two minutes, the food is done and everything is ready to eat.

I’m quite excited and this should be really fun.

Bachelor Party and Other Trips– A week after I get back home from my road trip, I’ll be heading BACK to Las Vegas for a weekend bachelor party. I think this probably makes it about the past 6 or so years that I have been to Vegas in a row. I don’t really enjoy the city that much but I suppose it’s more about the friends/experiences.

A week after the bachelor party, I’ll be going to Colorado (Fort Collins) to go to one of my best friend’s wedding. After the wedding, I am planning on going backpacking somewhere close. I’m excited to do a short backpacking trip and don’t have a ton of experience doing so.

That’s pretty much it as far as trips go. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make my Cousin’s wedding in San Francisco in late August. We’ll see.

Poker– Staking/backing is still going very strongly for me. I’m happy with where I’m at and I have a terrific group of guys who are all working on getting better.

I think that I will continue to concentrate on staking. I would still definitely like to get more into affiliate work as well.

I really just need to sack up and commit to one of my sites and pull the trigger. I already paid money for new servers, so I really should just pay someone for my site design.

I’m thinking that once I get back from my trip and everything else I will do this and really commit. I may offer some free rolls as well to force myself to do this.

Anyways, this is all for now. I’m sure I will blog about this trip a ton. Be sure to look back here in a few weeks and I’m sure you’ll see a good amount of write ups!

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