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Back on the Juice

I just played the first session in months.

I decided to fire up a session at PLO on BCP. The rake there is very tough at the lower levels and it’s hard to beat. The games, however, are very soft still.

I played some HU PLO at first and lost a buy in (was 25PLO). I believe it was just a bad bluff and he hero called me. I eventually moved on to 4 tables of 50PLO.

BCP is not compatible with HEM1 and I couldn’t really use a HUD or import any hands. However, a good friend of mine sweated me and I was able to get my graph of the session:


It was a fairly variance heavy session. As you can see, I ran quite poorly at the start and lost multiple flips where I was 40-60% underdog/favorite. I’m happy with how I played overall- I wasn’t really calling too light and I was able to be aggressive and punish players who peeled very lightly. At times, I was a bit too aggro and was getting snap called super lightly in some situations, which forced me to adjust my overall range and tighten up.

Near the end, I started to win more flips and got back to even. Then, as I was closing out tables, I won another all in with KT98 on an KK6J (double flush draws; I had none) and villain potted flop/turn with AAxx. I assume he was thinking that I would just ship the flop with any Kx due to the flush draw, but I’m not really sure.

I forgot what it feels like to play poker. At first, my head was exploding because I was having such a hard time analyzing the hands and remembering what to do. I started with only 2 tables and I played those for a little bit and then eventually moved up to 4.

It’s a strange feeling. I know that I’m incredibly rusty and that I’m going to need to study to get back into it. But this past session encapsulated everything about poker that we hate and love: Downswings, upswings, the variance roller coaster, and the heavy action that comes with it. I was both loving and hating it at the same time and it’s hard to imagine that I did this in a serious fashion for several years.

All in all, I’m not really sure how often I’m going to be playing poker. Good times all around and I’ll keep this blog updated if I do play more. I’ll also try to grab some hands from my friend to analyze here on this blog; it’s been far too long since I did any real poker content!

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Pictures from Comp

Two pictures from our comp:

 photo 539368_10151456298569113_857083709_n_zpsdbd6353a.jpg

 photo 556295_10151456297509113_426716867_n_zpsb97d2e3d.jpg

Results: We ended up getting 3rd in the advanced for teams. I got like 5th for individuals or something. Meh…

I’m debating going on a climbing trip this coming March. We’re thinking maybe Colorado or Arkansas again. We’ll see if it actually happens though.

Things have been going pretty well all around. Staking has been up and down (story of that business) and I’m still trying to find new stakees/players. Definitely working that base up though.

I’ll update this when we make a decision on climbing.

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Competition TR

So we went to Climb Iowa’s climbing competition this past weekend. CI is a large climbing gym right outside of Des Moines (about 2 hours away).

This particular competition was called ‘Flock to the Rock’ and was a red point top rope competition in the dark. We all brought our head lamps and the scoring was based off total points during the 6 hour time period. This is different from other competitions, where they will take your 5-10 best climbs and score them that way. This was also a team format, where they combined your points and such.

So there were some climbers who were literally climbing like 70+ routes during this time. Each route could be counted twice for points, so people were flying up and down easier routes.

The climbing competition was okay. There were some serious gripes I had with it though:

1) They had some routes up before the competition, meaning that the regular climbers at the gym had a massively unfair advantage (since they were able to climb the routes beforehand). The fact that this competition was in the dark meant that it was much more difficult to see the holds and learn the moves.

2) The scoring was confusing and unorganized. It was a bit of a cluster at times.

3) The raffle sucked. I’m not sure what’s standard at these competitions, but the last one I went to, University of Nebraska-Omaha’s comp, had much better prizes. This is sad given that the university climbing wall had a much smaller budget to work with.

All in all, I had a fun time, but there were a lot of things that could have been improved. I didn’t really climb all that well and burned out. One cool thing was that my climbing partner, Amanda, won her individual points and was division champ. That was pretty cool. I drove back that night (competition started at 6pm and lasted till 12:15am) and was tired as hell. I probably won’t go back to another one of their competitions for a while.

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So I thought I would provide a few updates for the last few weeks:

1) My training affiliate site is still a bit delayed right now. I won’t really go into a ton of detail, but my partner is back from vacation and he’s going to be taking full charge of this project. I’m still super excited about this website and I fully expect it to be in a soft-launch stage in a little while (hopefully by the end of the month).

2) Staking has been going really well lately. My stable is growing and our organization as a whole is improving daily. I’m really happy with some of my investments.

3) I’ll be doing a climbing competition in Grimes, Iowa tomorrow. It’s a team format and I’ll be climbing in the dark (with headlamps). It’s a redpoint top rope competition, meaning that you have to just get it all clean (no falls) in order for the climb to count for your point total.

I’m really excited about it and will provide a TR after.

Will post soon!

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