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Year in Review/Goals

So I generally post some sort of year in review/goals for next year and forgot to do that. This past year was one of the best I’ve had in recent memory. After spending about a year or two not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, I finally re-found my passion for poker and the gaming industry. Looking back now, I feel like I was pretty close to moving abroad and teaching English for a bit (while trying to figure out what I wanted to do). A series of events changed that plan, however, and I’m thankful they did.

Maybe I’ll make a post later on about that path and that change in my life. Lately on 2+2, I’ve seen a lot of posts/threads from people my age who are in extreme depressions/confusion on their life. While I’m certainly no life guru and still obviously struggle a lot myself, I feel like I’ve grown so much this past year. I hope to continue my positive run here in 2013 and pray I’ll continue to be successful in all of my goals/aspects.


Trips- I went on two climbing trips (Palisades and Arkansas) as well as trips to Colorado (skiing) and Vegas. I’m not sure where I’ll go for 2013, but I know that I’ll definitely want to go out and climb somewhere (we’re thinking either Arkansas or Colorado during spring break in March).

Job wise- I went from $0 income and watching my savings drip away to making okay money at the end of 2012. This process was a slow one and it took a bit for me to find myself and figure out what I wanted to do. But as with many things in my life, my obsessive compulsive nature took over and I’ve been working very hard on a number of outlets in the gaming industry (staking players/building an affiliate website/etc). Additionally, I started working at my local rock wall as well, which is something I’ve enjoyed immensely.

Goals for 2013-

1. As with all my other goals in the past, my number one goal is to be happy.

2. Continue to succeed in staking players and building our staking group up. I’m partnered with a few successful guys who all have experience and connections within the gaming industry. I also would like to start building some affiliate web sites with some other people down the line as well (maybe I’ll hire my brother since he can do web work :)). Overall, just keep grinding and keep trying to succeed in the gaming industry.

3. Send a 5.12 lead climb in my climbing gym. No, not California climbing gyms, where I could probably do 5.13s or hard 5.12s…but some of the tougher projects in my gym. Keep getting stronger and work on my overall climbing endurance as well.

4. Trip wise- I think I would like to go on at least two climbing trips (with 4+ being optimal). I’m hoping I can go on 1 in the spring, 2 in the summer, and 1 more in the fall. That could be ambitious, though. Other than climbing trips, I’d like to maybe either go skiing, go to the beach, or something of that nature. Let’s hope I run well in staking to afford this.

5. Pick up a new hobby. Photography, cooking, go back to martial arts, etc. are all possibilities. Now that I don’t really play much sc2 anymore, I should try to fill that void with something else. (Though, a lot of that has just been filled with work).

That’s all I can think of for now. I think goal #1 is the most important one though. Here’s to a great upcoming year. Cheers and thanks for reading 🙂

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