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I’m back home now from the SF trip. It was a fun time but I’m glad to be home- 9 days is a long time to be with family. I did a few interesting/fun things there. We went on a segway tour through the fisherman’s wharf, which was pretty entertaining. I was also able to rock climb in the SF gym of Planet Granite.

I’m ecstatic to be home though. I really enjoy my work and I think that it is going to start to pick up very quickly here. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m currently building an affiliate site with two other partners and I expect it to launch here in a month or so. I’m extremely excited for this to happen and am hoping to get more into affiliate work overall.

Anyways, that’s about it. I’m just getting back in the swing of things and had a nice Christmas. Hopefully everyone had the same. I’ll be updating this when the affiliate site gets underway (or if something else happens in this boring life of mine). I’m also debating posting a weekly poker hand with some thoughts, so we’ll see if that happens.

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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates lately. Staking has kept me fairly busy and overall, my life hasn’t really been too eventful.

I’m also working on another affiliate project of mine on the side and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to learn some affiliate stuff in the process. A basic definition of affiliate work would be a referral service. If you refer players to poker sites, you get a percentage of their play. It’s a bit like Groupon- I’m assuming that groupon gets a percentage of the earnings that the stores/restaurants make from the people who used the groupon purchase (or maybe not a percentage, but maybe just a flat rate? I’m not sure). Either way, the concept is similar.

Anyways, I’ll be excited to unveil that affiliate site soon, once it’s ready. I’ll be doing most of the content for it.

In the meantime, my life has been pretty normal. I’ve been working at the rock wall 2 nights a week (really just get paid to climb). Staking takes up most of my day and I also write content for my new site as well. I haven’t really played much starcraft 2 in a consistent manner in a long time, and surprisingly, I’m pretty okay with it. I might buy Heart of the Swarm and am still debating it (probably will get it though).

As for trips planned, I have a family trip to San Francisco in like week, which should be fun. I’m sure there will be some climbing trips this spring somewhere as well. As for any big trips, probably not anything soon.

Will report when I get back. Take care guys.

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