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Rock Climbing

I’ve been rock climbing for almost three years now. I can confidently say that this hobby and sport has changed my life. It’s strange how something can start so small and then manifest itself into something that takes such a great importance in one’s life.

My uncle runs marathons nonstop. He loves to run and even created a website that has a large following now ( He’s traveled the world, doing marathons and other races for decades. It’s his obsession, and something I’m sure he thinks about all the time- training, new places to run at, equipment, etc etc. Why am I talking about this? I just feel like so many people lack a hobby or a passion in life. Something to really focus on and enjoy, no matter where they are or what they are doing. I know that from here on out, my (hopeful) destination will have some sort of rock climbing in it. It’s something that will stay with me for life, health willing.

There are tons of great options for hobbies. Any sport- martial arts, ultimate frisbee, golfing, swimming, pickup basketball, running, hiking, etc…those are all fantastic options. Some of my other friends have hobbies such as cooking, photography, video games, and others. Find something you like and go for it.

Some cool photos-





My oblique injury is healing nicely. I was super worried after I first injured it because I could barely move (and thought that it would take months to heal). I’ve got enough strength to do a few pull ups without it hurting too badly, so that’s great. I predict this injury will probably be in the neighborhood of three weeks before it’s all healed up. Still can’t quite run yet without it hurting, but I hope that will heal as well.

Will continue to update this as it heals. Will also update this blog about some potential gaming work that I might be doing in the very near future as well. Cheers.

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