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Looking Ahead

Hello all, hope you have been well. I haven’t updated this thing in a while because frankly, there isn’t really much to say. With poker gone, I’ve been thinking a lot about where to go next.

I think I’m going to teach English in Korea for a bit. After some thinking about where I want to eventually go towards (probably gaming industry (will see when the time comes)), I’ve decided that I might as well do something productive for the next year or so. Teaching English abroad should be an overall fun experience and something I’m really looking forward to.

I probably won’t end up going until later on in the fall. I have a few things I need to take care of before I go (namely, a few weddings and a few minor trips). In the meantime, I’m doing more research/planning towards an ESL job (getting my background information/etc out). If and when I do end up getting a job, I’ll hopefully have a post about the application process up for anyone else interested.

The last few months have been fairly boring all around….but perhaps that’s just life after college. I have been exercising more all around and am happy with my progress. With the weather being nicer I am able to run outdoors more often as well. I’m sure biking will follow soon enough.

My friends and I took a cool ski trip out to Vail, CO a few weeks back. We only skied two days but the conditions were good and the runs were fantastic. The mountain as a whole is quite large, and though it costs more $ than the other typical parks (Copper, Keystone, etc), it’s worth it (IMO). It felt good skiing; as I haven’t gone in a few years. Such a fantastic workout and really fun as well.

I was fortunate enough to watch Florida play in the NCAA tournament this year. They played in Omaha and were victorious twice. I’m still quite bitter at how their season ended (blowing a huge lead to Louisville in the final minutes), but can’t be too angry. They weren’t expected to make it nearly that far. Oh well…if Bradley Beal comes back next year, they will be very serious contenders (with Young already saying that he will be back).

Also, one more headsup to everyone else- Game of Thrones starts up this coming Sunday (April 1st).

Also, new trailer for Prometheus, really excited for this movie as well:

Super pumped!

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