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Workout Log December 4-11th

Did straight cardio from Monday to Saturday, taking one day off (can’t recall the day). I did a mix of bike, running, and swimming. I usually did a mix of each (maybe 2 of each for each day). I’m trying to improve my overall cardio and with the shitty weather, it’s a bit harder than usual. I briefly flirted with the idea of training for a triathlon but I doubt I’ll do it.

My swimming has improved greatly over the past few weeks. I’d like to get to the point where I can do 1/2-1 mile swimming fairly easily. Not quite there yet though.

This saturday I was able to return to climbing. I’ve taken about 3 weeks + off from any serious climbing session in hopes to heal my hand. My finger is still screwed up and I’m fairly sure it’s a tendon problem. I’ve heard varying reports of other finger injuries from climbing friends, and these injuries generally take months to heal. One friend said it took him 9 months to get back to full strength.

I think mine will probably take another 2 or so months. It’s getting better and I’m happy that it’s improving. The amount of enjoyment I get out of climbing is unparalleled and I’m so happy I can start climbing again.

It’s crazy how much one thing has changed my life. I can genuinely say that rock climbing has changed my life in many ways. I’ll probably write a blog post on the subject later this week if I’m not lazy.

Nutrition: Not really the best this week. With the holidays here, I have been eating alot more sweets than usual. Portion sizing has been awful as well and I haven’t really controlled it much. With college football ending here, I should be able to get my diet under control a little bit though.

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There have been no posts on this blog for a while. The fact is that my life is utterly mundane these days. There is no point in rehashing my daily routine (a very basic one at that), so I decided to leave it blank.

That said, I’m thinking about restarting my work out log. My finger is still not healed all the way, which is unfortunate. I climbed a bit when I shouldn’t have and I might have messed it up. I’m still not going to go to the doctor (at least yet)…we’ll hope it heals on its own. (The only thing I can really think of is a tendon tear or something and surgery being needed).

With that said, I’ve been doing a ton of cardio lately. I briefly flirted with the idea of training for a triathlon. In the end, I probably don’t have enough dedication to do so though. I’ve started to swim again and I’ve really enjoyed it. The endurance part is tough, but it’s an incredibly good exercise. I’ve also been doing some yoga and I’ll hopefully go once or twice a week.

As far as options go for my future, hell, your guess is as good as mine. I’ll probably start working part time at the rock wall, which should help out for some park ranger jobs that I could possibly get. Though, the demand for said jobs is pretty insane, so who knows.

I’ll start a work out log. Might as well keep my progress on something.

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