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Injured my hand…

Sustained the second climbing injury in my climbing career today in my right tendon. The first injury I sustained was a long standing finger sprain which took weeks to heal. It wasn’t until I went to South America and I stopped climbing for a while that it healed. Today I heard a pop and my ring and middle finger both hurt alot right now. I don’t really feel it’s a tear as I can still do some slight movements with it (type/etc)…but I’m in pain when I try to climb or grip things.

My friends have sustained the same injury before and they said it took about a week of recovery time. This is insanely annoying for me, as climbing is my main form of workout. I suppose I’ll have to do treadmill/bike and such for this week break.

Sad part is that I can’t even really type that well right now. I can’t click my mouse that great either, which is a damper on my starcraft 2 play. Maybe this is for the best, and I’ll go and read some books/do other things for the time being.

I’m sure I’ll post some random shit throughout the week. Just really frustrated from my dumb injury. I can’t even imagine having a 6-month + long injury. Ugh…


Weird poker job and other things

I’m currently a poker software tester and consultant at mindsport5 Poker, a new Facebook app. It’s an app that allows players to play poker for free with the chance to win real money prizes each and every day (with a weekly leaderboard prize as well). I was quite hesitant to take this job and I still am questionable about the success of this company. Not necessarily in the sense that this is a poorly run company, but in the sense that it’s a startup in a heavily saturated market.

Zynga dominates this current market, generating hundreds of millions a year. If mindsport5 can even get a small piece of it, I think that there will be some decent potential. The fact that ms5 pays real money is somewhat appealing to the general population.

So yeah, I’m not really sure about it. I guess I figured that, even with a decent potential of never getting paid, my time is still worth very little right now. So if it turns out that ms5 goes to hell, it won’t be the worst thing in the world.

As for other jobs, I still hope to one day be a park ranger. The process is difficult though and I’m still learning more on how I should format my resume/etc.

I think I might start doing a workout log again despite not needing any extra motivation for it. I still work out 5x a week on average, mostly climbing stuff with 1-2 cardio days. I’m not really sure what I’ll be doing today given it’s rainy outside. I thought about going to Yoga but we’ll see. I’m fairly happy with how I’ve been climbing lately and I’m getting decently stronger.


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