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No real updates. Sorry for the lack of posting, I just haven’t had anything meaningful going on lately. My standard routine is pretty boring: Wake up around 10-11am, sit on my ass for a few hours. Mix in some computer games and reading while at night working out.

I’ve been doing some more coaching the past few weeks and I’m happy about that. Despite not playing much the past few months, I still feel sharp enough to discuss and coach small stakes NL. Maybe it’s like riding a bike, I dunno…just seems so easy to discuss some of the topics/theory.

As for the dumb question that I receive every 2 seconds – “So what are you going to do now?”- I have no clue. I’d like to pursue a different career path for the time being in a National Park Ranger. But in order to do so I need to actually finish up my resume. I’m insanely lazy and things are moving slowly.

I’m working on a stupid little project right now that is totally unproductive and a waste of time. HOWEVER, it is something I enjoy alot and enjoyable. Enter Barcraft, a stupid event that groups starcraft 2 players around the world in bars, where they can enjoy watching starcraft 2 tourneys while drinking with friends. Novel idea, right?

Anyways, I’m organizing this event with a friend in Council Bluffs, IA/Omaha area. I got a local professional sc2 player to commit to the event, so I hope that he comes through with it. I’m excited (and a tad nervous) for this thing to go down and it will be interesting to see.

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So yah, good stuff.

I’ve decided to hold off on martial arts for right now. Being out of work right now has really made me more conscious about my money and spending. While martial arts isn’t a huge burden financially, I am trying to trim down on some expenses as well as improve a bit more on rock climbing. Workouts have been fairly good for the most part though; I’ve started to run a bit and also reintroduced swimming.

Anyways, that’s all. College football is back and I suddenly have something to look forward to every single weekend. Fantastic. Oh, and more FTP news came out today- apparently they are more scummy than we originally thought. Check out any news media outlet for that stuff. GL GL GL

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On Death…(RIP Thuy Doan)

This post is a reflection on the death of a fellow poker player. Thuy Doan was only 25 when she died a few days ago. She was very well known throughout the poker community and will be missed greatly.

I met Thuy a few years ago in Vegas, at a Leggo Poker party. My friends and I just thought she was some random chick at the party, unaware that she also played poker. Hearing that she actually did play was a surprise to us. Seeing a female play competently is a rare sight in the poker world, and over time, Thuy gained the respect of men and women alike.

Her death has affected me in numerous ways. Though I wasn’t close to her, Thuy’s death has made me realize how short life can be. She was courageous in her fight through cancer and documented her journey through her blog and twitter.

(her blog is here- Thuy Doan Blog)

I mean, how fucked up is this entire situation? You just wake up one morning and you find out you have a tumor in your leg. The tumor grows and soon you’re dead in like…2 years from the discovery. Unreal.

Sometimes I forget how good I have it. Not only are there millions around the world struggling each and every day to survive, but there are also people like Thuy, who get fucked for no reason whatsoever.

What an awful situation. It sucks when you see something like this that you can’t control in the least. You want to think “oh, I’ll try really damn hard and I’ll beat this thing.” But it’s not even up to you or your courage or your stamina- all of that probably has little effect in the grand scheme of the problem.

Thuy touched hundreds of lives in the poker world. She will be remembered. RIP Thuy Doan, life is too short.

September 2009 from her blog- “This is a tough spot but don’t feel bad for me. My life is still great. I have amazing people in it, a profession that I’m passionate about, and the potential for an incredible future. It’s a life worth fighting for and this cancer is just a hurdle. I won’t let it destroy me. I will beat it. Just watch.”

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