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Trip stuff

Feeling bored right now so thought I should post some random thoughts.

My trip is in about one week. This is pretty nuts, as I’ve done pretty much zero planning. I’m going to assemble a check list of things I might forget now:


-sleeping bag

-head lamp

-winter coat/boots

-ipod + charger

-Camera/camera charger

-glasses/spare contacts


-Climbing books/address book of friends

-Scuba gear? Not sure if I should bring…We’re going snorkeling for sure in Seattle but other than that, not sure.

-Climbing gear

-wide variety of clothes


-BOOKS…I have a few saved but I’ll probably need more.

This week, I’m going to need to make sure I have all of my stuff ready, most notably my tent (need to put it together/make sure it’s all there), etc. Knowing me, I’ll probably just do it all the day before and then forget alot of stuff.

Will update this more this week as I continue to prepare.

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workout 5/16/11

Haven’t been updating this thing as much as I should be. I took last week off the most part due to cutting up my feet. That is healed now so no more excuses.

Did 1 hour BJJ skills, learned submissions from side control. We worked in the key lock/transitioning to different subs such as kimuras/etc. We also worked on swinging our hips/foot over their head and crushing them with legs while going for the kimura as well. All in all, a good series to learn.


I still have a few weeks left until I start my trip. To be honest, I haven’t done any planning at all. I have my general route down and I have my stops in mind…but I need to make an actual list of people to contact and stay with. Numbers/addresses/etc. I know that I’ll be in Colorado the first week of June I think.  I know that I’m going to meet some friends in Vegas on the third week of June as well…other than that, nothing much.

I still have time, so w/e. Will continue to update here as I do more research.

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Where we’re (I’m) at now (Poker)

It’s been a few weeks since Black Friday and the overall poker landscape hasn’t changed much. UB/AP is still shady as hell, and the money on those sites are being sold for $.30 on the dollar. Some crazy risk takers are buying up all the UB money and might make a ridiculous profit if UB actually checks out and stays open/gives $ out.

Since the breakdowns, Poker Stars and UB have had their Costa Rica offices raided. Stars has released money to Americans but FTP has yet to follow suit. I feel confident that my money on FTP will be returned; the only question is when.

The end of poker in the U.S. (for the most part) is such a strange feeling for many of us. We ate, drank, and slept thinking about poker for the past 3-5 years. Poker is not only a central monetary significance in our lives, but also a part of our identity- while our friends were getting drunk partying, we were sitting in our dorms grinding our asses off. Or while our friends were bitching about a $15 parking ticket, we were trading pots for thousands of dollars.

There was a thread on 2+2 asking what the significance of 2+2 has had in your life. Other than my family and friends, 2+2 (and poker) has arguably been one of the largest influence in my life. For the past 4 years, I’ve thought of myself not as a student or an aspiring teacher or whatever, but a poker player. While I knew that this was never going to be a lifelong career, I didn’t think it’d end like this. I wanted to leave when I was ready,  on my own terms. While I haven’t played a ton of hands the last few years (or ever I guess), the hope for a rejuvenation of my poker career was always there.

I’m like so many other poker players right now- living in the tail end of a strange fantasy life, where we can wake up at 2pm, have zero responsibility or schedule, the ability to make hundreds (or thousands) an hour, all at the comfort of our own computer and home. While this isn’t necessarily gone forever, the poker economy in the U.S. is temporarily diminished. I have a few friends moving out of the country to play for a few years longer, delaying adulthood like a group of Lost Boys and living the dream.

This will be a new stage for many of us. I wrote a post a few weeks ago on the future of poker players…how strange that that post is now more relevant to myself, just a short time later. The jobs I listed are still there. Overall, there is no time table on poker regulation in the U.S., if ever.

I don’t want to make this a ‘goodbye to poker’ post- I’ll continue to play. One day that post will come; however. I’m already getting a bit too emo for my liking in this post, so I’ll end it here. Maybe I’ll add more later, we’ll see.

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workout 3/2/11 and 3/3/11

going to start this back up, just so i can remember some of the techniques i learned in BJJ. i also have gotten insanely weak in climbing and that is unacceptable, so i’m going to go every day this week and climb to get back into shape.


Workout: BJJ skills

What I learned: we are working butterfly guard sweeps. today we worked in de la riva guard, which is your inner leg hooking the person’s thigh/knee area and the other pressing on their other leg.

we did one where we did a sit up/grab their leg (inner) and then rolled on the opposing shoulder.

the defense to that was squaring up into them and thrusting your hips into them onto a mount position. sounds confusing, but i guess i just have to show someone.

Diet today: ate bad for lunch. diet has always been bad and i don’t know if this will ever change- i love food too much.

Notes: going to get back into climbing shape. i have one month to train before i go on a 2 month hiking/climbing trip across the western U.S. if any of you live out there then shoot me a message if you want to climb or hike together, i’d appreciate it.

Today I’ll be going climbing and maybe bike riding (probably not though). Need to get back into climbing shape.

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