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Sorry for the lack of updates, just been really lazy lately. After I got back on my trip on Sunday morning I’ve pretty much just sat on my ass all week long. Long trips like that take alot out of you, and it felt good to just sit and relax for a few days.

I’m still getting pictures from my trip, so I’m not going to start my TR until I have those. All in all, it was a fun time- 7 days of climbing with some hiking in Moab and Colorado. Good stuff.

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Gone this week

Will be climbing in either Kentucky or Utah (we’re not sure where yet) starting tomorrow. I’m really excited and it should be alot of fun. Nothing like spending all day up on the mountain doing long multipitch stuff (though I doubt we’ll be doing that this trip, unfortunately).

Workout has been decent; I have been doing more climbing than Martial Arts lately. I’m fine with it, as I need to get in better climbing shape for this week long endeavor. We’re not sure how long we’ll climb consecutively (or if we’ll do any hiking on the side to rest). Either way, should be fun.

Diet hasn’t been the best for me lately, standard business. Still maintaining my current weight (though I’m putting on muscle I think).

I’m hoping that this climbing trip will allow me to feel comfortable being outdoors, at least in sport climbing. Trad is a whole new animal and I don’t know shit about it…but yeah. I’m excited for this week. Hopefully I don’t get 127 hour-ed and lose a limb (or die). Whatever.

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Random Thoughts

Going to be going to Utah this Sun.-Saturday (or Sun). We’ll be doing some outdoor sport climbing and maybe some hiking. I’m really excited and it should be alot of fun.

I just got back from FL for a short vacation. I basically just stayed in Orlando and did amusement parks, as well as stayed with a friend.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do this summer. I’m either going to go on an overseas trip to Australia/South East Asia/maybe China/Japan OR go on a long road trip of the Western U.S., doing some hiking/climbing/etc.

I’m probably leaning more towards the latter at the moment. I’m hoping to get better at climbing to the point where I’ll be able to just go to some places and hopefully find some climbing partners. Either that or I’ll just boulder around. This might coincide well with Vegas, depending on the timing. I have alot of friends that I’ll be able to stay with along the way, so that should be good.


March Madness is underway. I didn’t make a bracket this year but am betting on the scores this year. Details can be seen in THIS thread. It’s very much like my superbowl squares that I bet on every year, just random 0EV gambling. I’ll probably lose out on my two squares like I do every year though so FML.

Bones Jones is fighting Shogun Rua this Saturday…this is a super hyped UFC event and if you’re a fan at all of the sport, you should really watch this. HERE is a trailer for it. I’m really excited for this match.

If anyone follows starcraft 2 GSL, July Zerg and oGsMC (toss) are having an epic finals. So check that out on March 18th? I want to say?



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workouts 3-16-11

been pretty lazy with the workout log. i’ve still been going to martial arts 3x a week and climbing probably 3x a week as well. still need to up it and do more sparring for BJJ. i know that my arm still isn’t right (and it may never be right)…but i just need to go in and do more sparring.

i learned different passes yesterday, working against a closed guard pass, a half guard pass, and a butterfly guard pass. really informative, i learned alot.

really excited for shogun/jon jones this weekend, should be awesome.

here is a video of some of the gracies breaking down some film on jon jones and bader. all of the videos are pretty decent.

i’m going on a climbing trip next week, probably moab and maybe zion. pretty pumped and will give you guys a TR when i return. hopefully i don’t die…we’ll be doing mostly sport climbing, maybe some hiking.

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3-2-11 and 3-3-11 workouts


Workout: yesterday did 1 hour bjj skills. we are working on our transitions from chokes to arm bars. it’s pretty helpful and it’s helping me understand the transition game and learning what you want to accomplish with each position your opponent is giving you.

today: i ran 3.5 miles, did 9 min miles. not fantastic but i’m okay with it given i haven’t ran much at all recently.

What I learned: working on transitions, just helped me think more about the basic outlines of thinking with regards to what i want to accomplish (working in small steps to accomplish a larger goal). still need to get better though.

Diet today: has been awful lately. went out to eat yesterday for brunch and ate chicken fried steak, my favorite food. today i ate a philly for dinner (and fries too). just bad.

Notes: hoping to go to martial arts tomorrow and climb on one weekend day.

also figuring out my trips, don’t think i’ll be going skiing as planned. i’m fairly sure i’ll be going outdoors climbing though. going to florida next week for vacation for a few days so i won’t be able to do much exercise then.

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