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1-30-11 workout


Workout: 1.5 hours climbing

What I learned: not much. I was a bit lazy today in terms of how many climbs I did. Did two tougher climbs though, so my arms were pretty burned out.

Diet today: not great but better than yesterday. Rice/duck/veggies for lunch , not sure when I’ll eat dinner. Probably in a few hours.

Notes: Didn’t work out yesterday, was a rest day. My left arm/shoulder is feeling pretty meh still, hopefully it gets better.

here is a video on the best solo climber in the world. This guy is climbing super insane climbs that he has not done before with no ropes…crazy mother****ers.

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1-28-11 workout

Yesterday my shoulder was hurting bad from rock climbing the day before so I planned on taking it off. Didn’t work. I impulse went to the gym around 11pm and realized how much I despise lifting or running. I guess I don’t mind running or biking, but they have to be outdoors. I spent 7 minutes on the bike, was too bored and left it. Didn’t really want to lift much so I did some dead weight pull ups on the bar.

Sometimes I go do some regular lifts (Squat/bench/dead lift) to see how much I can do every 6 months or so. It’s somewhat comedic given I don’t ever lift (and haven’t really done so in a serious manner in years). I did 2 sets of 8/6 of 185/205 on bench and then stopped lifting. Went to the Sauna and then impulse went to IHOP later on that night. Awful.


Workout: 1 hour BJJ skills

What I learned: We worked alot of omaplatas today, with transitions to triangles and sweeps. Pretty interesting. I’m learning more and more on how to attain different positions when people are in my guard, which is good.

Diet today: So far it is decent. Rice/fish/veggies for lunch. Hopefully nothing too bad tonight. I realize now that I probably gain 3 pounds or so on the weekends and lose it during the week. If I could just get my diet in order…

Notes: Probably will climb tomorrow. Might take one of the weekend days off, we’ll see.

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1-26-11 workout


Workout: 1 hour BJJ skills/ 1.5 hours climbing

What I learned: Today we worked omoplatas with triangles…just the different transitions and moving from one to another. Also the counters (Rolling your body). Climbing went very poorly today as I tried a new project climb. It’s primarily a lay back/super balance climb that is probably rated a 5.11 or so. Obviously ratings are subjective though, so take it for what it’s worth.

Diet today: Not the best. Leftover pot pie for lunch. Bacon and eggs snack. Tuna Casserole for dinner. Overall though, I think that I cut down on some snacking.

Notes: Tomorrow I plan on heavy climbing/taking one day off martial arts and then going on Friday. Going to keep climbing that tough route and learn the technique.

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1-25-11 workout


Workout: 1 hour BJJ sparring and 2 hours climbing

What I learned: Just rolled for an hour. I’m getting a little discouraged, getting killed by people who are several notches (or belts) above me. I know that I shouldn’t expect to really compete with them given their experience, but it is still somewhat disheartening to get passed every 2 seconds.

I really need to work on breaking people’s postures when they are in my guard. Oh well…eat the ego, just work on getting better.

Climbing I did decently, climbed a fair amount. Arms are pretty tired.

Diet today: Not good. Chicken strips and wedges for lunch. Pot pie for dinner. Portion sizing is bad.

Notes: Plan on going to martial arts and climb again for a 2-a-day tomorrow. Just need to get better.

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1-24-11 workout

no workout yesterday, lazy POS. football was on and i didn’t want to move.


Workout: 1 hour bjj skills

What I learned: we worked on our triangles today from guard, both in closed and scissor. interesting stuff, and i’m learning more and more on how to break my opponent’s posture in my guard.

Diet today: not bad. sandwich for lunch. meatballs/rice/corn for dinner. alot better than the **** i ate this weekend. ugh…

Notes: really really really want to get in tomorrow for rolling in the morning. today i woke up at ****ing 12 noon though, disgusting. i need to wake up tomorrow for sure.

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