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12-30-10 workout


Workout: 2 hours climbing

What I learned: I pushed through on a lead archway route…normally I probably would have fallen. I’m happy that I was able to push through that fatigue. I’m not really happy how I got there to begin with (climbed the route like shit). Oh well…

Diet today: Started well then went to shit. Ate a salad for lunch, small chicken/rice/veggies dish for dinner…then went to my friend’s house and he and i split an old chicago large pizza. fmlllllllllll

Notes: plan on going to BJJ tomorrow morning. Saturday no workout, football all day. Once football ends, I’ll start climbing on saturdays (and maybe martial arts too). Need to fix my diet, argh.

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workout 12-29-30


Workout: 1 hour BJJ skills, 1.5 hours climbing

What I learned: we worked on triangles today. I’m pretty decent on my left side and not very good on my right. Just have to work on getting my reps in, I guess.

Climbing I did alright. Slipped on one route where I definitely should not have…that was frustrating. Can’t wait until the weather gets nicer and I can go climb outdoors somewhere, take a trip to CO or whatever.

Diet today: Bad. Bacon/eggs/pancakes for lunch. Buffalo wild wings for dinner (watched games with friends). 18 wings/fries/apple pie. I was about to eat more wings but decided to just leave in disgust before falling into that trap.

Notes: Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow for workout. I’m thinking Muay Thai, for the first time in weeks. Mainly just stuck to BJJ the last bit…then maybe climb after? not sure.

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12-28-10 workout

I did nothing yesterday. I have no excuses, other than me being a ****ing pussy. I need to really motivate myself.


Workout: 1 hour BJJ rolling

What I learned:Huge day today. I paced myself alot better than I have in the past and wasn’t nearly as tired as usual. I kept my breathing pace, took my rests when I needed, and all around felt better about my game.

I still got mounted by this 270 pounder, same guy that always beats me. Brute strength and size owns me right now.

In a pass/sweep/submit drill, I swept our instructor (with a 4 stripe guy coaching me through it). I omaplata-ed him and he rolled over, I got north south. I was really happy about this because the last time I rolled with our instructor (of the morning class), he just tooled me badly. Not saying this is consistent in any manner (and obviously if we had continued he would have destroyed me)…but just this move has helped my confidence alot.

Diet today:Sandwich for lunch. Ate a Philly and fries for dinner…not very good. I was going to eat something else until my friend bought me dinner for helping him move some of his stuff. Whatever…

Notes: I was going to rock climb today but pussed out when my friend called. Tomorrow I plan on doing BJJ morning and then climbing at night.

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12-26-10 workout


Workout: 2 hours rock climbing

What I learned: Figured out how to do the last part of this overhang route. Worked overall on my body positioning. Worked on some stemming stuff too.

Diet today: Not the best. Turkey sandwich, egg whites/sausage/croissant ball things for dinner. I’ve been eating like **** during the holidays, lots of desserts.

Notes: Looking to get back into workouts/better eating.


Christmas was good. Some movies I’ve seen recently:

Black Swan– A psychological thriller starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Basically about a ballet dancer becoming undone, both physically and mentally. The pressures of her mother, her teacher, and ultimately, herself induce a dream-like state, where reality and dreams blend together. Reminded me a bit of Beautiful Mind. Good flick. Solid A.

The Fighter- A story about a boxer down on his luck who works his ass off to victory. We all know the story. This is done well, and Christian Bale is great as the doped out brother of Marky Mark. B+

True Grit-A Western about retribution for the murder of a young girl’s father. The cast is great, the dialogue is hilarious, and the action is good. While it might not be as good as No Country For Old Men, this is a solid Cohen-brothers flick. Grade: A.

Moon– A sci-fi about a man isolated on the moon for three years. Nearing the end of his contract, his world grows very strange. The years of isolation are starting to take effect, and the man starts to lose his grip on reality. Starts off slow at first but picks up later on. I enjoyed this movie. B+

I’ll update on some books I’ve been picking up recently. I’m thinking about getting netflix, seems like good value.

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Workout 12-23-10

Didn’t work out yesterday because I’m a bitch. Friend called and asked to hang out, so I was like cool, skipping martial arts. I’m a bitch.


Workout: 1.5 hours climbing

What I learned: Not much. Worked a bit on my balance/crimp strength. I’m trying to work on my footwork a bit, stop wasting so much energy by moving my feet wrong.

Diet today: Pretty bad. Big unhealthy breakfast (but delicious)- waffle/eggs/bacon/sausage. Ate these cream cheese/sausage cake things for lunch. Salmon, rice, corn for dinner. Ate dessert just now. I expect the holidays to be pretty bad for my diet.

Notes: Won’t be able to do any activity till sunday. Will eat alot on Christmas, so I’ll have to go hard at workout when I’m done.

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