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I’m bored out of my fucking mind these days. I’m unproductive, play little poker, and my days are spent refreshing the same 5 sites over and again.

I’m seriously considering taking a one way ticket trip somewhere and traveling around. I guess I KNOW I’ll do this at some point, the only question is where? And for how long?

I want to go to Australia and continue traveling west from there. I’m also looking into around the world tickets.

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I’ve been incredibly lazy with regards to updates.

2 weeks ago- I went to UF game down in Gainesville. I had a friend pick me up from Orlando and he graciously dropped me off at Gainesville, where I hung out until Saturday. The game atmosphere was awesome and, despite us losing, I still had a fun time.

I took a few pictures. Too bad I didn’t get any of Brantley getting sacked for the 1,000th time or Lattimore running a train on us.




Basically, the team didn’t even show up to play. Changes need to be made; though, I don’t see them happening this current season. Perhaps in the off season I can see it happening. Oh well, we would’ve had a super train run us ever harder than USCe if we would have played Auburn. Always next year I suppose.

I went to Islands of Adventure on Sunday, that was a great time. For anyone who hasn’t been, I highly recommend both Universal Studios and IOA. Both are superior to Disney (if you are over the age of like…14, maybe younger). Despite Orlando not being near a beach, the city is still fun and there is alot to do.

My goals have been failures for the most part. I’m signing up for 5 hours of community service next week, hopefully going to tutor some kids. I think this will be good for a few reasons, the biggest being that I can contribute something and feel semi-useful.

Anyways, I’ve scrapped some of my goals this week. Martial arts isn’t going to happen 4 times due to the place being closed a few days for the holidays. I also have scrapped my productivity goal hourly. One good thing is that I’ve been eating a tad cleaner than previously as well as getting more and more into rock climbing. Poker has been going whatever.

Have a good thanksgiving all.

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I succeeded in all of my goals and am pretty happy about it.

This week I’ll put it on hold since I’m going to Gainesville on Thurs->Monday. I’ll be there for the UF/USCe game, a huge one that will decide the East. The SEC east is fucking atrocious this year and I’m fairly sure whoever plays the west winner will get slaughtered. That said, I’m excited for this game and it should be a fun time.

I went to Des Moines on friday this past weekend. We went to Jethro’s, a barbecue place with a 6 pound burger/fry challenge.

It consisted of 2 pork fritters, a chicken strip, a buffalo chicken strip, a burger, bacon, fried cheese, brisket, and a pound of waffle fries. All in all, 6 pounds. You have to eat it in 15 minutes and then you get your name on the wall/a shirt/free meal. If you don’t, you get put on the wall of fail.

All in all, didn’t finish it. My friend nailed probably 4.5 pounds, I nailed about 4. I was disappointed with how little I pushed myself- I wasn’t even close to the puking sensation, and I really should have gone to that point. Oh well, maybe next time.

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October Recap/Nov. Goals

Didn’t really succeed in all of my goals. In fact, the goals were just items written on an internet blog- empty intentions with nothing to back them up.

I’m going to set a new list of goals here and continue to do the weekly updates. Only this time, I’m going to put a $ penalty if I don’t hit it.

I’m not sure whether to give the money to my friends or to charity. I suppose I’ll give it to a charity (though, I need to figure one out). Actually, I just realized that I’m so lazy that I probably wouldn’t even care about the money (unless it is a significant amount). Instead of giving money, I’m going to donate my time. For every goal that I don’t meet each week, I’ll donate 5 hours of volunteer work at the open door mission in Omaha.

Considering I didn’t meet many goals last month, I’ll probably be spending some time in volunteer work.

Poker went decently last month. I was rolling, up like 3k in the first 1.5 weeks or so…then I hit a wall and lost some. Either way, still finished the month alright, given some of the extras (bonuses/rakeback/coaching/etc).

Workout was off and on. I still achieved probably an average of 4x martial arts workouts a week. I should look to up that. My cardio workouts were generally a failure, and perhaps the weather getting shittier adds to that. Either way, that is no excuse.

So, my goals for this month (week by week)-

Workout- 4x a week martial arts. 1x a week climbing (min) and 1x cardio (min).

Poker- None really…since I don’t keep a PT or HEM tracker, it’s hard to truly track my stuff. That said, just continue to play.

Learning/productivity- 2 hours a week studying. I know this is pathetic, but I couldn’t even touch 5 hours last month. Start from the ground up, then continue to go from there.

Diet- Total of 4 times going out to eat a week, period. I know this seems like a high number, but I’m probably higher than this currently. Need to make a mental note of not doing it.

So there they are. Hopefully I can keep to them.

Also, my Halloween costume-

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