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Emo Post Ahead…

Alright so I’ve been thinking about where I’m going next, travel wise. I know that after football season I probably want to go somewhere for an unknown duration.

I like Omaha…I think it’s a nice place, and all my friends and family are here. There are still many things left to be desired though.

I’m so bored with my days. Being a poker player, it’s a gift and a curse…my days are filled sitting in front of a fucking monitor, wasting away.

Sure, the hourly is nice. I’m not really killing it like some of my friends, mainly due to motivational issues/skill deficits/etc…but I can survive doing this. But is it worth it?

I guess I have to ask myself the alternative- I could be working some shit job 8-9 hours a day, getting up in the morning and sucking my boss’ dick. So in that regard, yeah, I definitely have it good.My future is also alot less stable, though, and I have no clue what I’ll be doing in a 10 years, much less 5. Whether that’s good or bad, I’m not sure.

The one thing that kills me in poker is my lack of a goal. I’m usually a goal oriented person, and the fact that I don’t like poker enough to make it my one main concentration is killing me.

I can’t find a niche, either. I tried reading some real estate stuff, but God, it’s boring. I definitely think that I could enjoy it once I got into it (that is, the application instead of the studying). But I’m such a pile of shit that I don’t want to put that work in. Success is seen in pretty much anything you work hard in (to a degree), and I’m not really doing much of that right now.

I feel like when I want to travel, it’s like I’m running away from the real world…running from reality. I just don’t want to accept what alot of my friends are doing (getting real jobs, moving on with life). I’m just stuck in this phantom zone of waking up, playing poker, playing starcraft 2, doing something physical, and watching the wire. What a joke. I mean, there’s a reason why I like to try different stuff (new hobbies)…but you can only do so much.

So what now? What can I do with my life that will generate the one thing I seek (happiness) ?

I briefly thought about doing peace corps. The only thing that would be iffy is that it is two years long, which is quite a commitment.

I need to think about what the hell I’m going to do with my life…because if poker isn’t the answer (and it definitely isn’t long term), then what is?

/end emo rant

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Cashout Curse…

It is real. FML

(no graph, but imagine pretty much like -12 buyins in the span of like 5k hands).

I’ll just remember that this is a drop in the ocean, and even though it sucks, downers come and go. Whatever…

Anyways, other than running bad in poker (and also playing quite poorly), life has been normal. I have a friend’s wedding to go to this weekend and perhaps another trip that I might go on (though, details are sketchy). I’m also trying to figure out how I’m going to get down to UF for the USCe game (I have a ticket there). Either way, it’s looking like I’ll be spending a fair amount ($400+) despite booking well in advance.

Two books I’ve picked up:

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Where Men win Glory (Jon Krauker Pat Tillman story)

I’m excited to read both…but I’ve been in a mega slump when reading these days. Going to try to get back into it.

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Interesting Links/Live TR

Here are some stupid links that I have been reading/listening/watching the last few days:

Luckiest Bastards Alive…people avoiding accidents by a disgustingly slim margin

‘Mombasa’ song from the movie ‘Inception’- entire soundtrack is excellent

Blood Sport Karma- George St. Pierre Highlight. Very fun, great HL, a blog on scholarships and transfers in college football

Live TR from 2 days ago:

Friend wanted to go to the casino during the day. I told him that the action would be minimal since most people work and it isn’t a weekend. He insisted on going anyways and I found two 1/3 tables running. We played at the same table, with the max being $200.

I overlimp 68o otb, a few others in. Flop 664. All check to me, I bet, one call. Turn 3, he check/calls another bet. River J, I cringe, he bets like 1/6th pot into me, I call. He wins with 88

A bit later, I try bluffing an old nit on Axx and lose to AK. It wasn’t a large pot but this was a clearly horrible play by me. I’m ****ing spewy retarded bad when I play live.

I raise AJ in MP, get a few calls. Flop J8T, short donk shoves into me, BB calls the shove, I flat, ready to bomb any brick turn. Turn: 2, he checks, I bet like $55 into $85 or something, he calls. River 9 he just open jams and I fold, he shows QJo and the other guy mucks.

So now I’m down like $250 off retarded plays and getting asian’d. I win a few small pots (stealing on brick boards, etc). I witness a funny hand:

PFR opens, few callers. Flop 9xxr, retard donks $12, one guy calls $12, PFR raises to like $40, retard donk calls, other guy calls. Turn: Jx, retard donks $20, other guy CALLS $20, PFR makes it $100 straight, donk folds, other guy RAISES to $100 more on top, PFR rejams QQ and loses to JJ. obviously they all scream **** like “I KNEW YOU HAD THAT!!” or “I KNEW I WAS BEAT AFTER THE FLOP AND I WAS GONNA FOLD IF I DIDN’T HIT THAT JACK ON THE TURN”.

I open QQ, get 2 calls. Flop KQJ, I bet, one guy calls, he is semi short, other folds. Turn 7x, i just ship him in, he insta calls with AT, river is 7 and the table moans.

I steal more pots, getting almost up to even. I make some pussy plays and lose out on some spots where i know I should be more aggro…but meh, I bitched out.

Limped pot. I bet 64o on a 528 board, 1 call. This guy has been splashing around every hand and I’ve seen him turn made hands into bluffs (though, he’s unaware of it). He also likes to be a hero (I earlier saw him c/c, c/c, bet/call on a QJ588 board with KQ and he lost to Q8). He also bet KQ when checked to on the river on an AQ225 board fairly large for whatever reason (3 way) and lost to AK.

Turn J, I bet again, he calls. River is 3. Given I’ve seen him try to turn hands into bluffs, I bet like 1/2 pot on the river. He raises me very small and I call, beating 44.

Anyways, friend I was with nearly bustos after limping a ****ton and not raising one hand preflop. He is bleeding like $10 away at a time and then has had enough and stands up. I see some other hilarious hands where MP check/calls BTn bet 979, turn 7, check check, river x MP bets, BTN jams, MP calls with 7T and obviously loses to 9J and says “I just couldn’t fold it”.

I get up and go eat a chicken fried steak, a -$140 loser. Whatever, I played bad. Also confirmed that I hate live poker.

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I’ve been playing alot more the last few days, with good results. I’ve been playing mainly .5/1-1/2 PLO with some MTTs. Today I tried playing 25PLO rush on FTP to try and clear a bonus, failing miserably…don’t really have any FTP $ and nearly busted my roll there.

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is taking more advantage of the freedom I enjoy as a poker player. I don’t really understand why my life can be so monotonous at times…sitting around all day, playing some poker, video games, watching T.V….it’s boring.

When I drive to Lincoln (these days, it’s for football games), I always think to myself: “Why don’t you just keep driving? What the hell is stopping you? Go visit another city and go do something.” I really don’t have an answer for what is stopping me, either.

We’ll see if I do decide to take a road trip sometime. An obvious problem is that all my friends have work and can’t go anywhere. Might have to just take a trip and go solo.

Another thing that I should do more of is play live poker…there is a horseshoe council bluffs only 25 minutes from my house. I should go check it out more and try to build a live roll.

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Weekend recap

As everyone knows, college football is here; capped by a great finishing game last night of BSU/VT.

College Football Scoreboard from week 1

I’m so happy that college football season is here…really, any football is fantastic. I plan on going to many Nebraska games, one UF game (USCe), and maybe an away NU game…we’ll see.

I won’t really ramble too much on the landscape of CFB. I doubt my commentary is much better or worse than any other ‘analyst’. I know that next week’s schedule is going to be absolutely bananas and I can’t wait.

Florida…did not play well at all. Many of the offensive issues were seen in the snapping, where the ball rolled on the ground multiple times. I think they graded something like 15 or so snaps were ‘bad’, where ‘bad’ equaled either a weird spin or even worse, ball on the ground.

The D played really well and I’m excited for that…but the OL needs to shape out. Time and time again they were dominated off the LOS and this should not happen, even if you’re playing with your 2nd string. Miami of Ohio won one game last year ffs.

Anyways, we have USF next week. I’m a tad nervous, given how poorly we played this first game. We don’t deserve to be in the top 10 after that performance, and frankly, if we were playing an SEC team, we would have probably lost.

In other news I’ve been eating like total shit lately. I need to fix my diet and start upping work out. Today I think I’m going to do a 3.5 mile run and then do martial arts at night.

Poker has been going good. I’m happy with the results and am hoping to add some MTTs into my playing schedule.

Good luck

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