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Goals/Videos from trip/etc

Alright…I made this blog to set goals and challenges for myself. I need to keep myself accountable, be it in poker, life, studying, or whatever.

This week I would like to:

-check out a martial arts gym and watch some of the classes/decide if I want to join (I have been thinking about BJJ or Muay Thai for a long time now, seems like a great way to get in shape).

-Study more finance, real estate, whatever investing stuff.

-Climb at least 3-4 times. Bike 2 times+ and run at least once (or more) outdoors.

-Catch up on tv shows such as LOST or movies that I missed while abroad (I heard that ‘Kickass’ was a fun watch).

-Watch the diet…I’ve already uber failed at this alot this week. It’s been pretty awful lately and I need to start to cut down the portion sizing.

Anyways, yeah. I want to also play more poker…I played tourneys today and busted all of them, didn’t do jack. I have been playing 1-2 hours a day though 4> tabling, so I think that it’s been going well. I’m still really playing poorly at times, though, and I need to watch that a bit.

Here are the videos from my trip:

Observation Point at Zion

Iguazu, Argentine Side

Dynamite going off in Potosi

Machu Picchu

There are more, but I don’t want to waste your time. Go to the channel to see them all.

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Sorry I haven’t updated this in a while. Not too much happened in Vegas, lost a few more times, ate at some nice places, whatever. I went to Zion National Park in Utah right after Vegas with terp and carrotsnake, incredibly fun time. We hiked and camped out and it was a nice finish to my trip.

Here are the two albums, via facebook-


Zion 2

I’m home now and I’m relaxing. I’m also starting to go back to my old routine, which was dick around on the computer WAY too much and then do minimal physical exercise. I’m not working hard enough on various things and the motivation factor is upsetting to me.

I also am debating discontinuing this site. I made it purely in the interest of keeping any poker articles mine (and mine alone…I’m not sure if blogspot would have any claim to it, but who knows). I will continue to blog, however, be it on this site or back to my old site at

Above all, I initially created this blog to hold true to my goals; and to keep a constant reminder of what I want and need to accomplish. This includes all life/poker/work/education stuff, things that I need to work on as I continue my vagabond lifestyle. I understand that I’ll probably have few, if any visitors on this site now that my trip is done…but meh, whatever. I hope that I can continue to list my goals here and stay true to them as best as I can. So, I’ll hopefully write up a list of goals and things I want to accomplish within this week.

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Some ramblings on Vegas-

-Naked Fish is very good and cheap (relatively). (This is not breaking news). I have not had many tremendously nice restaurants and am hoping to hit up one or two before I leave.

-Coming from South America, Vegas is ridiculously expensive…hell, even relative to other U.S. cities it is expensive. As stated previously, though, you go into a degen mentality and don’t really care. I am running alright with regards to flips (actually, thinking about it now, I’m up in equity).

-I was waiting to meet up with some friends and sitting on the rail of the Wynn Poker room. I start talking with an old black man and find out that he went to NU and was an ex-roommate of Johnny Rodgers, a Heisman winner. He said he was his backup and transferred to Michigan, probably due to never being able to play.

I’m not really sure how much of this was bullshit but I dunno. He currently bet horses and other sports as a retired pit boss of 30 years. He took a call and picked a few horses, saying that his boss called to confirm a few more horse bets. I asked who his boss was and he replied “Bobby Baldwin”.

“Bullshit…you don’t know Bobby Baldwin”
“Everyone has an opinion. Wait here an hour and he’ll be here.”

I later watched some horses with him and he won his bet. I met my friends and never had a chance to see Bobby. I still wonder if that guy was full of shit.

-Live poker has been going pretty meh…though, I’ve only played two sessions. I pretty much had zero hands and couldn’t really win a pot over 50bbs.

I didn’t play great either, but gah, still frustrating. The only interesting hand I had was:

I open T8o in LP. I get a few callers (all of a variety of different player types and stack sizes).

Flop: 972r- I bet, I get one caller in position. He’s a looser guy who I earlier bluffed against.

Turn: Qx- I bet again ($80 into whatever), he raises to $180. I think I probably should have jammed here (or folded)…instead, I took the worst option and called.

River: Tx- I check, he bets $400 into whatever. I tank for a long time and fold. He shows 34s for the stone cold bluff. I feel dirty at my poor play.

Anyways, nothing else to note. I have some friends coming up today and am looking forward to seeing them. Might play in some venetian events but I’m still unsure.

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South America Closure

I’ve been in Vegas for the last few days, chillin out. I had a brutal run from Lima to Vegas, having to stop in Costa Rica, LAX, and then finally Vegas…all in all, about a 28 hour journey.

I had a great time in South America (hopefully this much was evident in my blog postings). Traveling for such a long duration (relatively, for me) alone was also an eye opening experience. I learned so much; not only about traveling/figuring out how to do things, but also about myself.

I had (and still have) many reflections on culture, food, perceptions, ideals, etc. Such questions as “What is American food and culture?” were present throughout my journey. I fully encourage people to try try try to take a trip outside of the country. Many people catch ‘the travel bug’ and are hooked, sometimes changing their life forever.

Above all, I know that I don’t really need to rush things…most specifically, looking for a job. yes, I’m fortunate economically that poker enables me to do this…but now, more than ever, I’m determined to try and find my niche, something that I’ll enjoy (for work). I suppose these thoughts are nothing new, but I had alot of time to think about my future and its course.

I’m in Vegas now…the degeneracy has gone full throttle. It’s scary how insane this city can just take over your mentality. The minute I stepped off the plane, money just doesn’t matter, you spend it like nothing…the mindset of “ah, I can win this at the tables in a few hours” takes over and you find yourself dropping inane amounts of money (relative to your normal lifestyle, typically). I went from seeing $5 meals and $10 hostels (with a $50 a day being ‘normal’) to spending several times that on one meal.

Whatever…only once a year I suppose. I need to play more live poker…Anyways, I’m sure I’ll have some live TRs up throughout the week (played a short session yesterday and nothing really too interesting). I get back to Omaha on the 16th, will be happy to go back.

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