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Check List

A re-post from my other list I posted previously-

-Shots (yellow fever), I have this scheduled for Wed. Make sure I get a yellow fever certificate (and make a photocopy).

-Passport stuff- get all the stuff necessary for Bolivia (and perhaps other countries) that need information/visa. Print out some documents/make photocopies/fill out forms/etc.

-MAKE SURE I GET HEALTH INSURANCE before trip. I’ll get it very soon.

-Notify credit card company that I’m going to be out of the country.

-Get backpack all ready/any other necessary equipment (and think about what I’m going to use as a daypack)…thinking about just using a spare backpack to hold the essential stuff.

-Buy hiking shoes and some wool socks (I think smart wool is recommended). Maybe buy some other hiking stuff (better clothes).

-Talk to accountant (fml) about taxes. On the same note, pay Clayton his money (fuck you).


Among extra stuff, I need to:

-Do more cardio and prepare for upcoming hikes. Climb more (specifically lead climb) and gain more experience.
-Learn more about South America and make an outline of things I want to do/accomplish…basically make better details.
-Maybe brush up on spanish? Seems a bit meh but I guess it couldn’t hurt…I’m also guessing this ‘goal’ doesn’t get accomplished either considering how lazy I am.

edit: More to add on list, (not as important stuff) so I don’t forget anything:

-Climbing stuff (chalk bag?)
-Ipod (and charger)
-Clothes (shoes, both hiking and sandals/WOOL socks)
-Passport/wallet/yellowfever card
-watch (maybe not necessary since the time zones are similar to the U.S.)
-locks (small locks)
-regular backpack for day trips/etc
-CAMERA (and charger)


Alright, so I’ve accomplished most of the things on this list. I’m pleased that I got most of my finance stuff out of the way. Further, I’m happy that I got alot of the equipment for this trip as well.

One thing I need to do is to make photocopies of both my passport and yellow fever certificate. I also need to print out my itineraries and write down the hostel address in Peru. I’m planning on just filling out any visa form(s) at the border of where I intend to go (namely Bolivia). Hopefully I can attain my Brazil Visa in Lima (and if I can’t, it’s not the end of the world…just won’t go to Brazil).

I packed my bag today and everything fit pretty well. I still need to decide what climbing gear I’m going to bring down there, if any…pretty sure I’m going to just bring my shoes and hope that works out.

Among other goals, I have been doing a bit more cardio the last month than I have previously (both in bike, running around a lake, and football practice), so that’s good. I think we’ll be doing a ton of walking and maybe some biking while there, so it’s best to prepare a little bit for this.

I haven’t really brushed up on any Spanish. I’m hoping that the little bit I know will help me get by…all the different tenses are pretty confusing overall, but I know alot of the basic verbs and vocab for the most part. It’s hard to imagine my Spanish NOT getting better while down there, as I’m sure I’ll be forced to use it in some situations…so we’ll see.

My friend and I have also vaguely mapped out our path in S.A., so we’ll have a rough outline to work with. There are alot of things we want to do (alot of outdoors stuff, biking, hiking, caving (I hope he’ll do this with me), climbing, kayaking, maybe cliff jumping?, para-sailing, etc), and hopefully we’ll get to alot of them.

Yep…really pumped. Also, it’s April 1st, I’ll have to think of something to get my bro for his birthday.

gl in April


March finished/upcoming plans/etc

Well, March went alright poker wise. Didn’t make a huge amount (maybe $2k?), didn’t play all that much either. Played mostly 100NL/100PLO/some tourneys this month for the most part, a mix of 6-max and heads up (PLO). I ran/played poorly on FTP but ran well/played well on other sites. I’m happy that I got some coaching in as well, and with some of the extra stuff, this month has been alright.

Headsup is really tilting, getting hit and ran nonstop vs. donks. Guess I can’t really complain that much though, name of the game. HU is so nice sometimes because the donks are so awful (and you get them all to yourself)…but the other intangibles (tilt + hits and runs + PLO is crazy in itself) leads to alot of stress at times.

Anyways, it’s officially less than a week before I start my trip. Going to see some family in LA and maybe meet up with a friend there. I tested out my pack today (with rolling everything up) and it looks like I’ll be fine in terms of packing space. The only problem right now is fitting my climbing shoes somewhere (for any beach bouldering or something).

Last minute stuff, haven’t really shopped in a while. Might consider picking up some mini locks…other than that, I’m pretty set. I can just buy some things down there as well if need be.

In other poker news, there have been alot of controversial stuff happening lately. There was a recent 30k hand prop bet (30k hands in one day with profit) that turned out to be a cheating scandal.

Here is another scandal with stoxpoker, the leading coach at, a training site (which led to the resignation of stox). Allegations are basically that stox both multiaccounts as well as rathole/short stack (though the latter has yet to be determined).

What a shady game we play.

long trip reports/poker posts/etc to come in the near future. I’m sure I’ll get bored on the plane.

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10 days…

Until my trip…can’t wait. Eagerly counting the days.

Still need to get some things in order but overall, I’m pretty happy with what I have.

Not sure what I’ll be doing after this trip. Might go on a camping trip with some friends in the Southwest U.S. for a few days…probably won’t do Vegas this year. I probably want to stay in the states during football season. After that, no idea…

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So I’ve been trying to figure out the exact path for my South America trip.

I think I’ll be Traveling in a big circle-shaped path. My Brazil Visa dilemma is still being worked out, and I think I’ll probably try to get it in Lima, Peru (apply for one the first day and then just wait around there until it’s finished). I don’t think I want to send in my passport now and try to rush the Visa through mail…too many disastrous things could happen (mainly my passport being lost in the mail).

My path would be something like this-


(if all goes as planned). We aren’t sure exactly where we are going to go in Brazil, hence the arrows going everywhere. Also the path isn’t really drawn to scale/accuracy (because I don’t know which exact cities we’re going to hit/locations).

With that said, that’s the general path. Machu Picchu is a definite goal for this trip, though, I’ve read that mudslides and full bookings have pushed bookings back a few weeks…so we’ll see if I’ll do MP right away or on the way back.

My friend and I will be traveling primarily by bus (I would imagine). We’ll probably fly in Brazil (if we can get our Visa) since the country is so fucking huge…but yeah. I don’t want to waste my entire time on a bus, so we’ll see how fed up with it I am near the end of the trip.

I’ll be flying into LAX on April 6th at 10 a.m. and leaving for Peru on April 8th at 2:30 a.m. (morning). Hopefully I can see some family while there in L.A. I’m actually hoping to climb both days at this gym:

So yeah…maybe I’ll climb right when I get in (at 10) and maybe climb the next day until it closes (10 p.m….not sure what I’d do to kill the 2.5 hours or so during that time but meh, I can find something. Maybe climb for a few hours then eat?

Posting my itinerary here so I don’t lose it somewhere/always have a place to find it/dont want to check email/etc-

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Frontier Airlines # 1047 Operated by: REPUBLIC AIRLINES – Please check in with the operating carrier

Omaha Eppley Airfield (OMA) to Denver International (DEN)
Departure (OMA): April 6, 6:40 AM CDT (morning)
Arrival (DEN): April 6, 7:27 AM MDT (morning)
Class: Economy

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Frontier Airlines # 403

Denver International (DEN) to Los Angeles International (LAX)
Departure (DEN): April 6, 8:25 AM MDT (morning)
Arrival (LAX): April 6, 9:55 AM PDT (morning)
Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Frontier Airlines # 416

Los Angeles International (LAX) to Denver International (DEN)
Departure (LAX): June 30, 6:25 AM PDT (morning)
Arrival (DEN): June 30, 9:45 AM MDT (morning)
Class: Economy

View the latest airport conditions at: LAX | DEN
Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Frontier Airlines # 1044 Operated by: REPUBLIC AIRLINES – Please check in with the operating carrier

Denver International (DEN) to Omaha Eppley Airfield (OMA)
Departure (DEN): June 30, 10:50 AM MDT (morning)
Arrival (OMA): June 30, 1:16 PM CDT (afternoon)

Thursday, April 8, 2010
LACSA # 605 Operated by: LACSA – Please check in with the operating carrier

Los Angeles International (LAX) to San Jose Juan Santamaria Intl (SJO)
Departure (LAX): April 8, 2:36 AM PDT (morning)
Arrival (SJO): April 8, 9:16 AM CST (morning)
Class: Economy

View the latest airport conditions at: LAX
Thursday, April 8, 2010
LACSA # 7033 Operated by: TRANS AMERICAN AIRLINES – TACA PERU — TA 33 – Please check in with the operating carrier

San Jose Juan Santamaria Intl (SJO) to Lima Jorge Chavez International (LIM)
Departure (SJO): April 8, 10:30 AM CST (morning)
Arrival (LIM): April 8, 3:15 PM PET (afternoon)
Tuesday, June 29, 2010
LACSA # 624 Operated by: LACSA – Please check in with the operating carrier

Lima Jorge Chavez International (LIM) to San Jose Juan Santamaria Intl (SJO)
Departure (LIM): June 29, 10:45 AM PET (morning)
Arrival (SJO): June 29, 1:30 PM CST (afternoon)
Class: Economy

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
LACSA # 604 Operated by: LACSA – Please check in with the operating carrier

San Jose Juan Santamaria Intl (SJO) to Los Angeles International (LAX)
Departure (SJO): June 29, 6:01 PM CST (evening)
Arrival (LAX): June 29, 11:26 PM PDT (evening)

Went from Omaha–> LA–> Lima–> LA–> Omaha. Thought it’d be cheaper flying out of LA (and it was for a long while) until I rechecked and the price from Omaha to Lima dropped…go figure. Oh well.

Sooooo pumped….

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Playing multiple limits/gameselection

So a topic that has been on my mind lately is the idea of game selection and multi-limit playing. It’s weird how many players only play one specific limit during a given week. A friend of mine opened my eyes a few years back when he was playing 2/4NL one day and 10/20NL the next. I was confused for the first bit, asking myself “why would he do that? wouldn’t $200 seem like chicken shit if he was playing 5/10 the next day?”

The answer is pretty simple. With the way poker is today, regulars need to be flexible in their play, both in game limits and games themselves (many have branched over to PLO). You’ll often hear of mid stakes regulars who play 5/10 and 2/4 in the same day (or higher and lower depending). Take shots when games are good (ie. a fish is playing and you’re adequately rolled), drop down when they suck. One thing I personally can’t do is play multiple limits at the same time (ie. 1 5/10NL table open and then a 50 PLO game or something of that nature)…maybe just not good at multitasking enough.

Playing multiple limits is great psychologically as well. If you’re running bad, dropping down for a few days should be fairly obvious- grinding it out at normal limits with tougher opponents (than the lower staked) can lead to a prolonging downswing…but going down a limit and crushing can lead to good results and (even more importantly) resounding confidence. Today I played some 50NL for an hour and crushed.

Egos die fast in poker…sure everyone is cocky and arrogant, but those who refuse to accept that there are better opponents (and that their play(s) can be suspect)- they get their just deserts soon enough. Everyone eats their slice of humble pie at one point or another in their poker career.

In other news, I finally filtered alot of my PLO results over the past year or so. Before my monster downer, I was up probably $25k in maybe 80k hands of mainly 1/2 PLO. After the downer (probably ~10k in mostly 1/2) the results obviously aren’t as nice. Pretty much all on my damn desktop too, wish I could just scrap this piece of shit computer (rigged computer) for some of that money back.

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