South America

Booked my flight for April 8th —-> June 29th, going to be almost a 3-month endeavor. I plan on going mainly along the West coast, initially landing in Lima, Peru.

I’m pretty pumped…still a few things I need to get (a backpack and a netbook for light grinding). I’m probably only going to hit countries that don’t need a VISA (sadly, I think I’m going to skip Brazil because of this).

After South America it’s a bit unclear where I’ll be. I was debating going to Vegas but I think I’m going to skip it this year…I’ll be arriving home around the same time and I imagine I’ll just want to stay at home for a bit.

Some poker friends and I have been talking about doing a week long camping trip, which would be pretty fun. We’re thinking about going to maybe Zion or Sedona or somewhere like that. I may shoot up to Seattle after that to visit some family but not quite sure yet.

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