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February recap/March goals

Well, I ran well in February…obviously did pretty well in tourneys, ran well/played well.

Not sure what total tally was for Feb. That $29k tourney win was a bit dampened by the $9k I had to give to Clayton (FU). I added a few thousand from cash games and other tourneys (I took down a $24 HA for 1k and $500ish in this 6-max). I’ve been playing a fair amount of PLO HU (back on the crack) with okay results (up and down).

Overall, I’m obviously happy with February poker wise. Not only did I up my volume but I was able to get some decent results.

March goals:

-Stop eating out so much. My diet has been pretty bad lately and I’ve been going out waaaaay too much. I haven’t really been gaining weight but I know it sure isn’t helping me. I’d like to lose a few pounds and cut some of my body fat % down. Two days ago I ate probably 3000 calories at dinner (we ate a big mexican meal with 3 burritos/tacos/rice/beans/and a small enchilada) and then I ate a chicken strip dinner + oreo shake at applebees less than an hour later. Unacceptable lol…

-Do more cardio. As of now, I probably do about 2-3 times of cardio a week (along with climbing 5x a week). I’d like to do about an equal amount of cardio as I do climbing.

Flag football (spring league) is coming up so that will help. I also need to prepare for my upcoming South America trip by improving my cardio. I need to sack up and start running on the treadmill (God I hate that thing) instead of doing the bike or elliptical. So yeah, need to up my cardio and get back into running shape.

-I want to finish some of the tougher routes on my current wall clean. I also want to improve my lead climbing as well, learning to clip well, to not back clip, etc. I’m getting alot better in the last few days and I’ve stopped backclipping as much. Just a few things to work on…

-Extra stuff like reading and finance study, I need to continue to do this. Still soaking up information pretty well and reading alot of different stuff, maybe I can finally invest some $ in the near future.

Poker wise, I’m not really going to set a goal. I have one more month until my trip, it’d be nice to win some $ before it happens. I still want to play a few tourneys a week, still want to play when I want. As stated before, I don’t want to force myself to play…it just leads to bad results.

Anyways, those are my goals for next month…I’m sure there are a few more I should focus on.

Going to be in Colorado on March 6th, skiing with friends, can’t wait for that. cheers

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Mistakes early on lead to larger ones later

Good thread by Grunch from a while back

Today I horribly misplayed a hand. .5/1NL, UTG tag opens, I call ATs, all else fold. Flop K48hh, he checks to me.

What can I do here? Do I just check down since I have some sd value? Do I bet and just hope to take the pot away?

I think that most players will typically bet/fold nearly all their air here…I suppose occasionally they’ll check/fold some air, but it’s typically a pretty decent flop for their range. They opened UTG, they can represent Kx+ and a whole myriad of hands, thus forcing me to usually just call with a ton of my continuing range. (Not sure if that makes sense).

When a person checks on a board like this as the PFR, I would think they typically have some mediumish hand. JJ/TT/QQ/sometimes Kx. I would think that they bet the flop as well with a semi bluff (hearts) type hand most times.

I think I probably should have just checked down. i think that once he checks the flop, he’s calling at least one street and it’s going to be pricy to fire a few more streets.

It’s probably not the best line to take in an overall balance sense…but I suppose it’s a good line to take vs. aggressive opponents (and when you’re not afraid to make bigger calls).

With that said, I decided to bet. Turn was 5h, he checks again, I decide to bet the turn and then bet the river.

Poorly played…just not good. My range for betting is probably pretty thin in his eyes- flushes, sets, something like KQ probably, etc. He ended up check calling AK 3-streets against me, very odd.

It was just a poor hand played all around by me. I not only decided to idiotically 3-barrel but my bet sizing was atrocious…I suppose i could maybe get him to fold something like TT/JJ/QQ but mmmm…I think if I do decide to bet that river, I should make it larger…since after he c/cs the turn, he’s probably c/c-ing the river in most cases…and as stated, I think he bets the flop typically with a flush draw. So maybe a jam? I don’t know.

The point is, I should not have bet this flop. Am I being results oriented? Maybe…but I think overall, a flop check is probably best. Betting the flop led me to believe that barreling away/trying to win the pot was the best way to continue, something I really need to work on. I had no semblance of ranges, just blunt aggression, an idiot clicking buttons. Sigh.

Live and learn I guess.

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South America

Booked my flight for April 8th —-> June 29th, going to be almost a 3-month endeavor. I plan on going mainly along the West coast, initially landing in Lima, Peru.

I’m pretty pumped…still a few things I need to get (a backpack and a netbook for light grinding). I’m probably only going to hit countries that don’t need a VISA (sadly, I think I’m going to skip Brazil because of this).

After South America it’s a bit unclear where I’ll be. I was debating going to Vegas but I think I’m going to skip it this year…I’ll be arriving home around the same time and I imagine I’ll just want to stay at home for a bit.

Some poker friends and I have been talking about doing a week long camping trip, which would be pretty fun. We’re thinking about going to maybe Zion or Sedona or somewhere like that. I may shoot up to Seattle after that to visit some family but not quite sure yet.

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WSOP circuit event 5 final day

Alright so we start at 2:00pm the next day, final 16. I’m probably average in chips, probably around ~20bbs.

Not much to speak of in the first bit. I waiver around 12bbs-20bbs throughout the first few orbits of day 2. There was one hand where I was 12bbs deep and jammed from the SB with A9o, BB tanks foreeeeeeeeever and then folds. I hear later that he showed TT to the guy next to him and I laugh to myself.

People start to bust, mainly the short stacks. General coolers too, like AK vs. AA or whatever, stuff like that. We get down to like 11 and I still have my 17bbs or whatever. I open A7 and get shoved on against AJ, it’s a little more than a miniraise and I have to call (same guy as TT hand above). I hit a 7 on the river (I think?) and bust him, we go to the final table.

So the final table is a mix of old people and a few younger guys. There were probably 3 solid/younger kids at the table (including myself) and the rest were either middle aged or old as hell. The chip leader had a gigantic stack and busted the first guy with 33 vs. QJ.

I knocked out the next guy where btn limped and sb completed, I checked J6dd. Flop came 945ddd and I got it in with the BTN who had Qd9x. Turn/river bricked and I won and he left (guy’s wife or girlfriend was smokin).

I knocked out the next guy when I opened A6o, BB called while short. Flop J-9-x, he checked, I jammed, he called with QT and turn/river bricked.

Few people busted, we were down to 5, I busted the big stack at the table. He was the only competent player left (was a 22 year old from Missouri) and getting him out was nice. Hand before the bust was I opened A2, he 3-bet, I fold after thinking. Direct hand after I open, he 3-bets me, I jam with KK, he calls QQ and I win.

I had a big chip lead from here but that dwindled a bit…a few bad opens, a few people playing back at me, etc. I knocked out the next guy when I opened/called it off with A6 (he was megashort) and sucked out vs. A9.

Anyways, long story short, I was down about 3-1 in chips after I made an ill fated bluff headsup. I shoved with 9bbs with T7o otb and was called vs. A3, flopping trips on the flop. We chopped after this when the chips got semi evenish (he still had more than me).

Result: I win 29k and have to give 38% of it away to friend who swapped action and other friend who bought it. I’m obviously still happy with the result and the long grind was worth it. It’s like the poker gods saying “here is your reward for us raping you for the last 5 months and we forgive your horrible play during that span”.

Full story here:


WSOP circuit event trip report part 2

Alright so I’m cruising at this point…have direct position on the best player at the table and have people quaking in my midst. The two guys to my left are continually bitching about me stealing their blinds, etc. I build my stack off one guy in a few different pots-

I open A6, he calls from BB. Flop T62r he check/calls a bet. Turn T he donks small, I call. River 3x he donks the same amount and I call, he mumbles something like “You have it for sure” and shows AK.

VERY next hand I open A6s in CO, he calls from SB, BB calls too. Flop A49cc, he checks, I bet, BB folds, he check/raises all in for about 100k (after I bet like 10k)…I’m pretty skeptical at this point but decide to fold, not really sure.

A few orbits later I call his open with 88, flop 8Q5dd (I run well), he check/calls. Turn 5 he checks small, I bet, he calls. River 2x he donks really small, I jam the rest of his chips in and he folds, showing JJ. Nice pot.

I think for a while I hold the chip lead, building nice large titanic looking stacks. Others had a few nice stacks as well and the field was dwindling.

With that said, my stack started to drop in the later parts of day 1. A few bad opens (resulting in me either getting 3-bet or called or other spazzy shit like the BB calling then full pot donking into me on the flop) and a few bad plays (where I once opened QQ, bb called, flop Axx check/check, turn K he donks small I call, river A he bets again and I call and lose to KQ).

The structure itself is kindve lame…the blinds/antes start to get pretty big and there’s not much play. A few lost pots result in a loss of a chip lead –

H1- I open A5o, BB calls (new guy, he seems semi competent relative to the field). Flop JT9dd he checks and calls a bet. Turn J he donks into me and I fold, I think I hear him whisper he had 87 and saying he played it bad, though, I’m not sure.

H2- I open ATo a few hands later, same guy calls from BTN. Flop KT2cc, I check, he checks. Turn 8c, I bet (I have Tc) and he calls a bet. River 3x I bet again for value and he calls, mucking his hand.

So I’m card dead for the next few hours, down to probably 13bbs or so, getting chipped away. At this point we’re probably down to like 19 people or something. I have like 74k with 2.5k/5k blinds. Our table is short handed as well (since we busted a few people) and we were down to six.

Same guy as above opens to 20k from MP. I’m in the BB with QJo and shoved (though, I think this was/is a mistake)…seeing as he’s probably never folding with 4x raise and my hand isn’t all that great. I think a 2.5x open and my shove is pretty good but this, not so much. He calls, flips over 88 and I win a race on a QJxxAx board.

I’m sitting decent and decide to just grind out the rest of the night…we play down to 16 players when it hit 3:00am, I’m sitting at probably average in chips with 187k with like 20ish bbs. I was pretty wiped at this point, as we played for like 13 hours.

Final table/results/etc will be posted tomorrow, this is a bit long.

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