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First week of goals…

So this first week of my goals have been a relative fail. With regards to my workout, it’s been difficult…the weather has been sucking bad and I am not able to run outside. With that said, I should just get the cardio done at the local indoor gym on the tread mill. My diet has been pretty piss poor and I find myself eating a ton of unhealthy shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if I gained some weight while living at home for now…instead of starving every meal like I did at school, I have as much food as I want.

Poker has been going so so. I haven’t been doing these last few sessions…been playing fairly poorly and I feel myself getting into auto-pilot mode a bit too much. I think I’m probably halfway done (or close to) of that 4k challenge I made for myself at .5/1. It’s taken a bit longer time wise, though hand wise, probably on pace to a normal wr/etc. I DO find myself playing alot more though, and I like that…been playing alot of various games, some 100NL 6max, some 100PLO, some 50NL 6max on stars to try and build my meager account up there…I’ve decided to try and build my few hundred bucks on there to see if I can do it. Thus far I’ve lost 2 buyins over like…4k hands or something (embarrassing). Donating like a maniac and making retardedly spewy moves (lol).

Going to go climbing tomorrow. Probably will try and get some cardio in as well, though, not positive. I really need to fix some of these issues though….the holidays kindve suck with regards to having great dietary goals. Too many deserts and such…and friends coming back home to take up your time.

Anyways, yeah…hope I focus a bit.

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Urban Meyer pt. 2…?

Guess Urban isn’t leaving for good, just on a temporary leave of absence. He even states that in his gut, he feels like he’ll be coaching come next fall. (And he’ll coach this bowl game, take a long break, then get back in it). Hopefully Meyer takes care of his health, refocuses on his priorities…and if he can coach, great.

As a Gator, I’m very happy with this news. We’ll see how poor this timing really was and the effects it has on recruiting/overall program health/etc…

STORY here

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Urban Meyer Gone…

As a huge UF fan, words cannot begin to describe what I’m feeling right now. I have such mixed emotions on this matter…Meyer left due to health reasons. He long battled a cyst in his brain, one that became inflamed whenever he felt a ton of stress, giving him incredible migraines. His heart felt the effects of long hours and incredible stress as well, resulting in pains across his chest.

As a person, I’m glad Meyer left. He obviously left for the right reason- his health. He has three kids to worry about, a wife, his future.

The sports fan in me is disappointed. I feel like a prick being pissed off…I know I shouldn’t be pissed off at Meyer, and I’m not really…I’m just pissed at the entire situation. I’m angry that his coaching career is closed (for the time being) at such a young age. He took UF to new heights, elevating us to the top echelon of the college football world. His emphasis on strong moral values and external factors outside of football were two great characteristics he had.

I’m thankful to have witnessed Coach Meyer’s games, both on television and in person. I’m thankful for Coach Meyer’s hard work and dedication to Florida football, something that will be remembered for as long as I am a gator fan. The last 5 years have been great, and it sucks that it has to end so soon.

This loss hurts though. It’s obviously not like a football game where you can rebound the next week. Losing Meyer is going to hurt UF for years to come…while Florida is obviously an incredible hotbed for talent, it’s hard to put it all together, being a great recruiter, CEO, in-game coach, schemer, and life teacher at the same time. I’m not sure what is to come of recruiting either…hopefully all of our recruits don’t bolt. Our class was projected to be in the top 5 before today. You just can’t replace someone like Meyer, a coach that was in the top tier of CFB coaching (along with Carroll and Saban).

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a big fan. I’m not saying that in a conceited way, just the honest truth…football means alot to me, and whenever something bad happens to Florida, I’m crushed. This one hurts alot. The depression and resentment I feel is helping me put a bit of perspective in my own life though…should football matter this much to me? I dunno. It’s an emotional roller coaster, that much is certain…

Here is an article on the loss of Meyer.

Thanks Coach Meyer, for all that you’ve done. Gator Nation will miss you dearly…

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Merry Christmas

Merry x-mas to all, hope it’s a good one. Remember the things that matter in life…and that chasing 70/40s across Full Tilt Poker isn’t the end all.

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other stuff

Been watching alot of movies and reading different books as of late. Thought I’d share some of the stuff I’ve been reading/watching-


Dexter s4- I really enjoyed this past season of Dexter. I was a bit behind but caught up in 2 sessions. Tension wise, this one rivals season 2. For those who enjoyed the previous Dexters, this season is definitely worth a watch. (For those who don’t know, Dexter is a show about a serial killer who works as a blood-splatter analyst in Miami, a man who is in many ways a hero. He kills by a ‘code’ and takes out the garbage, killing those who prey on others.

LOST- is coming up soon…excited.


Avatar- Really enjoyed this movie. The plot, writing, and characters are all fairly cliche and aren’t anything ground breaking…but the visuals are very very cool. The movie itself is really fun and despite it being almost 3 hours, those 3 hours went by quickly.

The Road- Depressing post-apoc about a man and his son. It is a bit slow at times and drags, but overall I liked it (maybe only because I am partial to the book, a very excellent read).

Zombie Land- A bit old, but yeah…really fun movie, humorous, and a quick watch. If you’re at all a fan of the zombie genre, a must watch imo.

The Blind Side- Not bad, story of Michael Oher, a freak HS football prospect from Tennessee who was adopted by a white family (who took him in). Overall the movie isn’t bad, though it drags a bit. The book by Michael Lewis is very very good and a must read for any football fan.

Think those are all the most recent films I’ve watched. Probably missing a few.


-Blindsight- Weird sci-fi book, first contact between futuristic humans and aliens. Very weird and very thickly written book (in that the dialogue and descriptions). Overall, I think it’s a solid read, though, you MUST be a sci-fi fan and you cannot expect a quick read here…this one is slower, due to the language and weird contexts presented.

The Hunger Games- Pretty fun book. It’s a young adult, which impedes some of the content/themes that (possibly) could be presented, but still a fun read nonetheless. It’s a dystopian society in the future, where the U.S. is made of 12 districts, governed by ‘The Capitol’. Each year, the districts send a male and female participant in a death game, where kids fight to the death. It reminded me alot of the Japanese film ‘Battle Royale’.

The sequel, ‘Catching Fire’ is not bad, though not nearly as good as the first.

Gang Leader for a Day- Pretty fun book thus far on a sociology student who befriends/observes a gang in Chicago for almost a decade…pretty cool so far.


Y the Last Man- fun post apoc story on a mysterious phenomenon that kills all males in the world. it’s written in a fun/joking way and is more humorous than the plot would suggest. even still, it’s a fun book and I’ll pick more of these up.

Fables- I guess I’ve been reading this series for a while, and I still love it. It’s a comic about many of the fables you know and love- beauty and the beast, prince charming, big bad wolf, and dozens of others…they have created a society in NY, having fled their previous homelands from an emperor. prince charming is a man slut, big bad wolf resembles wolverine and is a drunken hardass, etc…really fun, imaginative, creative comic.

those are just a few…I’m sure I missed a few. Upping my reading is something I intend to do in the next few months. I also signed up for a new climbing gym…it’s harder (rated) than my previous one, but I’m confident that I’ll improve and am excited for it. Hurt my wrist though so I probably won’t climb tonight.

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