I’ve been thinking about what I need to work on, specifically in a poker sense…I, like everyone else, have many many leaks…the biggest being not having a fold button.

People like to chime “Oh, I’m a huge calling station” but they don’t really mean it. There are many times when I’m playing and I think “hmmm…I’m beat, but I really really don’t give a shit, I just want to see what my opponent has”. It’s gotten so bad, that oftentimes, I’ll write in the chat “Ok, take my money”, press the call button, and they indeed do take my money.

It’s about discipline, and it’s something I need to learn. You can be a fantastic thinker/theorist of the game, but if you aren’t disciplined to make a good fold, it means nothing. If you can’t apply all of your poker knowledge and understanding into application, it’s as if you haven’t learned it at all.

Sure, I’ve made alot of ‘good’ calls…thinking about it now, these calls probably weren’t even that great, I just got lucky and couldn’t fold. I love being a hero (who doesn’t?), and to even think that my opponents are ‘running me over’ sometimes resultsĀ  to a ‘who has bigger balls?’ contest.

It’s discipline. It’s learning to fold and it’s learning to stop spewing. My spew has been very bad lately…kindve along the same lines as I just stated, I like to show how big my balls are. I like to spew and bluff and make ridiculous plays that make no sense or have any logic, plays that are just absurd. It’s like once I start to get some history with someone, I’m playing street poker (coined by MagicNinja) 24/7…where I’m making unbalanced, illogical plays.

I need to leave the ego at the door…I need to learn the value of a good fold. I can save alot of money (and help my winrate) by making better folds…I know my opponent’s hand, I know that he’s never shoving worse for value…and I need to apply that to my game.

Here is a nice short article by Tommy Angelo on folding…something I need to rethink. I’ve gone from super nit (i think I played something like 18/10 or something back in the day) to super LAG (after going through bobbofitos’ program) to good LAG (where I was playing well) and now, super retard (where I spew and make horrible calls).

It’s interesting overall, to think about the progression and evolution of a player. I can confidently say that I’m a much better player than I was a year ago. Though I was making a bit more $ in the past, I can still say that I have a greater understanding (at least…I think?) with regards to poker. Can I pinpoint one area? Probably not…much of it was learned in an innate standpoint, just by looking at a hand history and thinking about it, etc. Historically, I’ve always had very low went to sd (wtsd) stats and a very low won $ at sd (w$sd)…I’m not sure why that is, but I guess it’s just a style thing. For now, I’m something like 24 wtsd and won$sd at like…44%. I’m also winning during this clip…so I dunno.

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